Fast Sculpt Assistant

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This addon makes using various sculpt operation easy in one key.

Remove tedious moving finger process across keyboard.

This is especially effective for pen tablet users.

While the number of shortcut buttons on the pen tab is limited, you will be able to sculpt without taking your left and right hands off the pen tablet as much as possible.


---How to use---

In sculpt mode, menu will open when you press "U" key (by default, you're able to change from


Press same key to close with do nothing.

The menu is separated from some section as below.

1: Change brush radius / 2: Change brush strength / 3: Change Smooth brush strength / 4: Open view pie / 5: Open brush settings / 6: Open brush texture

7 Open brush stroke / 8: Open brush falloff/ 9: Open brush context / 10: Open face sets pie / 11: Open set pivot pie / 12: Open auto masking pie / 13: Open remesh panel / 14: Open Symmetry Panel

15: Invert mask / 16: Grow and Shrink mask / 17: Smooth and Sharpen mask / 18: Clear mask / 19: Save file / 20: Add mirror modifier

21: Symmetrize / 22: Lock Z Axis / 23: Lock Y Axis / 24: Lock X Axis / 25: Show all topology / 26: Hide topology by bounding box / 27: Hide topology by mask

28: Remesh with initial size(editable from preferences) / 29: Remesh / 30: Sample detail size and remesh

31: Remesh with voxel size times multiplier2(editable from preferences) / 32: Remesh with voxel size times multiplier1(editable from preferences)

33Remesh with voxel size divided by multiplier1 / 34: Remesh with voxel size divided by multiplier2

35: Create new primitive object(some paraneters are editable from preferences) / 36: Make backup / 37: Transfer mode / 38: Switch mode / 39: Toggle erase alpha

40: Next matcap / 41: Previous matcap / 42: Toggle favorite matcap / 43: Show or hide Wireframe of active object

44: X-ray / 45: Toggle Silhouette / 46: Flip Matcap / 47: Toggle Shade Smooth / 48: Show or hide active object

49: Show or hide collection set by UI / 50: Change opacity of images in collection set by UI

  • Clicking "16: Grow and Shrink mask" and "17: Smooth and Sharpen mask" will allow you to edit the mask by moving the mouse.
    • Move the mouse to the right to Smooth/Grow, and to the left to Sharpen/Shrink.
    • Confirm with left click, right click, enter key or Esc key.
    • This operation cannot be canceled, so if you wish to do so, please undo after confirming.
    • The amount of mouse movement to change the value can be changed from Preferences.

  • When you press "36: Make backup", active object duplicated and move to collection named OBJECTNAME_backup that is automatically created and hide from viewport.
  • "37: Transfer mode" is to switch object with keeping mode sculpt.(same as shortcut Alt + Q)
  • "39: Toggle erase alpha" is switch between active blending mode and erase alpha. This only works when active brush is Paint.
  • To set favorite matcap for "42: Toggle favorite matcap", press "SetFavMatcap1" and "SetFavMatcap2" from viewport shading panel after changing matcap you want to register.

  • To set collection for "49: Show or hide collection set by UI", in outliner,  right click on collection you want to set and press Set to Show/Hide Collection button.

  • To set collection for "50: Change opacity of images in collection set by UI", in outliner,  right click on collection you want to set and press Set to Image Collection button.


In preferences, there are some parameters.

In Sculpt Mode, warning will be displayed if Mirror Axis set in Preferences is not turned on.

Also locking axis will be displayed.


  • Download zip file.
  • Go to preferences, open Add-ons tab.
  • Click Install and select zip file.
  • Check the box next to its name to enable it.


1.4.0 - Added "Flip Matcap " function.

Mask grow / shrink and smooth / sharpen were integrated into each modal.

1.3.2 - Compatible with Blender 4.0.
1.3.1- Remesh multiplier can now be set to a decimal.
1.3.0- Added functions below.
  • Symmetrize
  • Lock each axis
  • Toggle silhouette
  • Toggle shade smooth
  • Menu and text size are now able to change.
1.2.1- Fixed an issue where the symmetry panel was lagging.
1.2.0- Added functions below.
  • Open symmetry panel
  • Change opacity of images in collection
1.1.0- Added functions below.
  • Show / hide topology
  • Save file
  • Mask
  • Add mirror mod
  • Smooth strength

View buttons have been changed to view pie.

1.0.0- First release


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