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both 2.0 and 1.6 can install independently and choose legacy particle hair system or newer curves based hair system, but I recommend using 2.0, because of the new features and hair geometry node controls. convert to particle hair afterward if needed.

Rather than making hairs from scratch, using pre-made assets would jump start the process. Facial Hair Toolkit offers hair assets to be shrink-wrapped onto your characters with various controls such as density, length, shape. At the same time, it streamline the process of hair cards creation and hair texture baking. 

take a look at the video demo above for introduction or documentation page for written guide.

here is a quick guide on how to export Geometry Node Hair to Unreal Engine 5

Various premade hair assets:

    Hair Element



    Draw Eyelash

    Hair Presets, use existing ones or make your own

    Hair Cards Creation

    Hair Texture Baking

    • all eyebrows:

    • all beard:

    • haircuts:

    • new haircuts:

    • additional haircuts:

    • hair elements:


    update 2.1:

    added: compatible with Blender 4.2

    reformat to meet blender extension platform standard

    update 2.0.6:

    fix compatibility for Blender 4.1

    update 2.0.5:

    improvement: reduced black hue in hair cards texture preview 

    multiple baking grid options in hair cards texture baking 

    depends on the chosen baking grid option, select the grid layout and set the corresponding UV 

    update 2.0.4:

    fixed an issue where it does not load hair textures with upper letters names.

    update 2.0.3:

    critical fix: since blender 3.6, there is a critical error that causes blender to crash with converted hair curves. A bug report has been submitted to blender devs. Although it is not caused by the addon, a work around has been implemented to avoid the crash.

    simplify the hairs subpanel UI: select relevant hair curves or mesh base shows its subpanel, otherwise it is hidden. 

    add: "convert for manual sculpt" operator in bake hair scene. please use this one instead of "Object - Convert - Curves", otherwise you may experience blender crash down the line.

    update 2.0.2:

    fixed: for users with non-English UI interface, when press bake hair textures, error message pops up, it is now fixed. 

    how to update: if you have not added any your own custom elements, for example, your own haircut, eyebrow, beard or hair strand preset, you can use the edit-preference- install zip file route. if you have added custom elements, the install zip file method will delete your custom assets. instead, unzip the downloaded file and copy the unzipped folder to your addon path which is usually at "C:\Users\UserName\AppData\Roaming\Blender Foundation\Blender\3.5\scripts\addons", this way it will overwrite files of the same name and leave the rest intact.

    update 2.0.1:

    fixed: when user change addon tab name, hair style panel does not change

    a short tutorial on how to export Blender geometry node hair to Unreal Engine 5.2

    update 2.0:

    rework the addon for new hair curves system. version 2.0 and  version 1.6 work independently 

    new: geometry node based hair assets and controls

    new: hair cards generation for new hair curves system

    new: hair texture baking

    update 1.6.2:

    fix error when change haircut on a scalp without any particle systems. 

    update 1.6.1:

    fix error when finalize hair cards in Blender 3.5

    update 1.6:

    added: Hair Cards Generation from particle hair system or curve or simply draw them.

    update 1.5.2:

    removed: simple hair toggle.

    added: 7 new haircuts, simplify the process of add own hairs, see FAQ section for detailed how-to

    added: new operator Draw Quick Eyelash

    update 1.5.1:

    added: 16 new haircuts, 4 hair elements

    improved hair elements appending method.

    update 1.5:

    instead of 15-20 seconds to import hair styles assets, now it is almost instant to import.

    removed Prev and Next Button when choosing hair styles and eyebrows, instead, use drop down list of image previews. 


    fixed issue when change tab name, not all panels have their names changed.

    update 1.4

    add custom tab name, bind to target surface.

    due to blender 2.93 can not open files made in 3.0 and above.

    future update will focus on 3.0 and above.

    update 1.3:

    added function to transfer particle hair to custom mesh.

    30 new hair elements for quick hair kitbashing, and other improvements.

    update 1.2.2:

    when click finalize hair, it will automatically bind to your head mesh. save a few clicks.

    update 1.2.1:

    a minor update. added Duplicate Active Hair.

    when using default duplicate particle system, the hair setting is linked which is not ideal. for example, adjusting the hair particle count or change hair length on one will change both particle systems. the Duplicate Active Hair button solves that,  each particle hair system is unique. at the same time, it also sets up new relevant vertex groups for vertex paint, making it easier to layer up hair styles.

    update 1.2:

    re-work 5 eyelash and 17 eyebrow hair assets.

    various convenient operators.

    all hairs now use cycle principled hair BSDF shader.

    update 1.1:

    new addition of 24 haircut style 

    version 1.0:

    it includes 11 eyebrow style presets, male & female eyelash presets, 12 beard style presets.

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