Facial Anatomy Basemesh

by Chuong-Tran in Models

What will I get?

  • You will get whatever you see in the screenshots.
  • The project in .blend.
  • Likeness sculpts of 6 Celebrities in .FBX form.
  • from left to right is Angela Sarafyan, James Marsden, Lauren Cohan, Alexa Mansour, Jimmi Simpson, Summer Glau
  • FACS Reference - 34 expressions ( Shapekeys/Blendshapes )
  • FACS based on Norman Reedus Likeness
  • a basic basemesh based on BJ Novak Likeness.
  • Included Teeth, Caruncle, and Eyeballs.
  • Portfolio folder where I showcase my work.


  • 4 Female, 2 Male, 1 Neutral Basemesh, 1 FACS 
  • All Quad!
  • Subdivision ready!
  • Sculpt ready using Multires!
  • UV Unwrapped!
  • Video Game Ready!
  • Over 30+ different FACS to reference from!!

                  FACS DEMONSTRATION

what is FACS you ask? FACS stands for Facial Action Coding System or a list of Facial Movements that you can use it to blend between to get the expressions you want. 

Why should I buy it?

  • you can use the model as a base mesh for sculpting
  • or use it as facial anatomy reference
  • FACS expressions for anatomy Reference
  • Great for Video game Production
  • Clean UV Layout
  • or just to simply help out a High School student like me make a few bucks : P


  • The .FBX basemeshes comes in High Poly only
  • to get the lowest poly you need to use Multires Modifier and UNSUBDIVDIE it to the poly count of your choosing
  • Some models are texture interchangeable, what does this mean? some model shares the same UV layout, which texture can be interchanged between 2 basemeshes for easier texture painting mostly.
  • all basemeshes provided except 2 are using the same basemesh. which can be then combined into Morph target ( Shapekey /Blendshapes). I have no success in achieving such a result in Blender.
  • FACS will be included in the BLENDER PROJECT as I have no success in exporting it out. Please Append it to a new .Blend rather than exporting it out as it will break the blend shapes.


Just a little background, I started learning 3D sculpting just a year ago, roughly around the same time I started doing Blender. I first started doing stylized and cartoony head sculpt but later shifted into Realism and more realistic sculpt. and those heads that you see are the heads I have sculpted in recently. During my journey, I found that it's really hard to visualize Facial Anatomy 3 dimensionally without a reference or guide, not only that but using basemesh as a starting point is much more time-efficient while of course learning the fundamental of a person likeness. figured I might as well share these base meshes for anatomy reference at a reasonable price. and please if you in any way can't afford this just send me an email with your name and I will email a copy for free to you. 

Contact Information

if you have any suggestions, questions, comments, or just about anything, or heck if you want to hire me, please contact me at Tranbaochuong2003@yahoo.com. I also do Freelance work. 

Artstation page - https://artisawesome.artstation.com/

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Blender Version 2.9
Render Engine Used Blender Internal
Misc Data UV'S Unwrapped, Low & High Resolution
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