Ezlattice: Blender Add-On For Deforming/Reshaping Models Quickly In Edit/Object Modes

by Mechanical Mustache in Scripts and Addons

EZLattice is a Blender add-on for quickly adding lattice editing to multiple objects, single objects or selected vertices in edit mode. You can easily add and apply lattice operations to enhance your models. Lattice editing is an easy way to deform, fix and reshape models quickly. It is especially great for fixing proportion issues in characters.

## Features

- Edit mode support.

- Single/Multi Object mode support.

- "Multi object" mode adds a shared Lattice to the selected objects.

- "New" operand applies and cleans up the previous lattice action.

- "Apply" Applies the most recent Lattice and cleans up the set up. 

- "Clean" just cleans up the most recent Lattice setup. 

- The lattice control mesh is centered and fitted around the selection.

- Contextual Right Click Menu support

## Upcoming Features

- Left Toolbar integration.

- Respecting the object's own rotation.

- Guided alignment.

- Multi object edit mode support.

- Multiple Lattice operations.

- Multi object mode with individual Lattice objects per object.

- Inside/Outside option for the Lattice.

- Custom menu for editing the current Lattice controller's properties

# v1.1

- [NEW] Preferences settings for lattice divisions and types

- [NEW] Ability to toggle outside shell setting for the lattice

- [FIX] The lattice object now works properly with flat planes


# v1.2

- [NEW] Contextual Sidebar settings

- [NEW] Smooth vertex weight

- [NEW] Spherize lattice mesh

- [NEW] Randomize lattice mesh

- [FIX] Remember the prior mode