Extra Nodes For Geometry Nodes

by 3DSinghVFX in Modifier Setups

"These nodes make the procedural workflow easy"

Extra Nodes:

Falloff Nodes:

  • Fourteen falloff nodes provide straightforward control over the field based on the falloff.

Utility Nodes:

  • There are utility nodes: Loop Node, Integration Node, Selection Based on Attribute, 3D Viewer Node, Vector Viewer Node, and Index Viewer Node.

Falloff Tracer Node:

  • It generates lines based on any field's 2D/3D Curl or Gradient. You may also use Field Nodes for further control.

Memory Falloff Node:

  • It stores attribute value with time. The stored attribute can be animated with a Factor or Time Duration. It is based on the Simulation Nodes of Blender 3.6x.

Field Nodes:

  • There are seven field nodes to generate fields based on Mesh, Curve, etc.

Procedural Particle System with Forces Nodes:

  • It is a Procedural Particle System based on the Simulation Nodes of Blender 3.6x. It has ten forces to control the dynamics of these particles.


The Blender 3.6x has the baking feature for the Simulation Nodes of the Geometry Nodes. To bake: Select the Object having the simulation nodes -> Physics Tab -> Simulation Nodes (Bottom) -> Press Bake. It will bake and store the cache next to the project file.

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A video demo is also available on my YouTube channel: 3D Singh VFX


This tool is made with geometry nodes and can be used in Blender 3.4x and 3.5x. The Procedural Particle System and Memory Falloff node are only for Blender 3.6x.


You can use this tool in any of your projects (non-commercial or commercial).

You may not redistribute the geometry node group itself, for free or commercially.

Happy Noding... :)

Kuldeep Singh (3D Singh VFX)

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  • Released the Particle System v1.1 for Blender 3.6.

  • Fixed the velocity issue. It may break the old files, be careful.

  • All forces consider the particle mass.

  • Added new Particle_Particle_Force. Particles can repel or attract each other.

  • Make the node setup more efficient.


  • Updated the files for Blender 3.6 experimental build on 1st May 2023.


    • Added Memory Falloff node based on the Simulation Nodes of Blender 3.6 experimental build.

    • Updated the Particle System for Blender 3.6 experimental build.

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