Extra Nodes For Geometry Nodes

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"These nodes make the procedural workflow easy"

Extra Nodes:

Procedural Particle System: (New v2.4)

  • It is an advanced Procedural Particle System based on the Simulation Nodes of Blender 3.6x, 4.0x, and 4.1x.

  • It has 21 forces to control the dynamics of these particles and many advanced features (Sub-Steps, Collision, Stick, Hit, etc.).

  • It has density-based particle emission, particle-particle collision, particle-geometry collision, particle-geometry stick, and many advanced features.

  • It also comes with a Particle Tracer Node, Particle Action Node, and Particle Info Node (Demo Video).

        Relaxing Particles Modifier (New):

        • It generates non-overlapping particles on any curve(s), with features like radius animation, collision with objects, etc.

        Falloff Tracer Node:

        • It generates lines based on any field's 2D/3D Curl or Gradient. You may also use Field Nodes for further control.

          Memory Falloff Node: (New v1.1)

          • It stores attribute value with time. The stored attribute can be animated with a Factor or Time Duration. It is based on the Simulation Nodes of Blender 3.6x, 4.0x, and 4.1x.

          Field Nodes:

          • There are 8 field nodes to generate fields based on Mesh, Curve, Curl Gradient, etc.

          Falloff Nodes:

          • 20 falloff nodes provide straightforward control over the field based on the falloff.

          Mesh Nodes:

          There are mesh nodes: Neighbour Vertices of Vertex and  Mesh Topology Curves nodes.

          Utility Nodes:

          There are utility nodes: Loop Node, Integration Node, Selection Based on Attribute, 3D Viewer Node, Vector Viewer Node, Index Viewer Node, Time Speed, and Guide Curves node (NEW, for Blender 3.5x or higher).


          The Blender 3.6x (or higher) has the baking feature for the Simulation Nodes of the Geometry Nodes. To bake: Select the Object having the simulation nodes -> Physics Tab -> Simulation Nodes (Bottom) -> Press Bake. It will bake and store the cache next to the project file.

          Free updates forever

          Procedural Particle System v2.4 (New)


          You can use these nodes as assets by assigning the Extra Nodes folder as an Asset Library in Blender Preferences. All the nodes will appear in the Asset Browser -> KS Extra Nodes.


          A video demo is also available on my YouTube channel: 3D Singh VFX

          All Extra Nodes Tutorials

          Procedural Particle System Demo:

          Falloff Nodes Demo:


          This tool is made with geometry nodes and can be used in Blender 3.3x, 3.4x, 3.5x, 3.6x, 4.0x, and 4.1x. The Procedural Particle System and Memory Falloff node are only for Blender 3.6xBlender 4.0x, and Blender 4.1x.


          You can use this tool in any of your projects (non-commercial or commercial).

          You may not redistribute the geometry node group itself, for free or commercially.

          Happy Noding... :)

          Kuldeep Singh (3D Singh VFX)

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          Updated the Extra Nodes:

          • Added Relaxing Particles Modifier.

          • Fixed Keyframe Falloff node.


          Released Extra Nodes:

          • Added Time Falloff node.
          • Added Keyframe Falloff node.
          • Added Time Speed node.
          • Fixed the Spline Point and Edge Falloff nodes for empty spline.


          Released Procedural Particle System v2.4:

          • Added Selection option to all the Forces Nodes and Particle Output node.
          • Added Distance option to Particle Collision Force node.
          • Reworked the Particle Collision Force node for better collision detection.
          • Added Distance Falloff option to Particle Particle Force node.
          • Reworked the Drag Force nodes. Now, It has Linear and Quadratic drag options.
          • Added Probability and Length options to Particle Tracer node.
          • Updated for Blender 4.1.

          Extra Nodes Updates:

          • Reworked all the Falloff nodes. A new method for falloff: Size + Falloff Width.
          • Fixed the Empty Object/Geometry/Curve issue of Falloff nodes.
          • Added Mesh Topology Curves node.
          • Added Wave Falloff node.
          • Added Point Falloff node.
          • Added Curl Gradient Field node.
          • Added Displace node.
          • Reworked the Vector Viewer, 3D Viewer, and Index Viewer nodes.
          • Updated for Blender 4.1.


          Procedural Particle System v2.3 updates:

          • Added Selection to Particle Angular Velocity node.
          • Added Custom Time input to Velocity For Target node.
          • Fixed the issue to Store Random attributes with the same values.
          • Removed unwanted Time-based Seed for Random attribute.


          Procedural Particle System v2.3 updates:

          • Fixed the motion blur issue for Continue Emission mode. It was related to Particle ID, now particles have a unique ID in any emission mode. This fix also simplifies the Particle Index. This might change the result for old files.
          • Fixed the Set Point Radius warning for geometry that does not have points.


          Procedural Particle System v2.3 updates:

          • Added "Animated" option in Stick node. It can be enabled particularly for animated surfaces. This updates the Particle Position and Stick Axis.
          • Added "Stick Axis" option in Rotation panel (new) to Stick node, which allows to rotate the stick particles w.r.t surface normal (or particle velocity) with the help of the Particle Rotation node or manually with Align Euler to Vector node.
          • The Stick node now can handle multiple objects with UVMap that have the same name.
          • Fixed the unwanted updation of normal for the Avoid in Stick node.

          Released the Procedural Particle System v2.3 for the Extra Nodes (Geometry Nodes) for Blender 3.6, 4.0:

          • Added Sub-Steps to improve the dynamics (Blender 4.0 only).
          • Collision node is split into three nodes for better usability: Collision, Hit, and Stick.
          • The Collision node is refactored: New Features - Selection, Bounce, and Friction
            options that can be controlled with any field/texture on particles or surfaces.
          • The Collision node also has a new avoid option based on Distance or Size.
          • New Stick node: stick the particles to an animated object.
          • New Hit node: provide info for any obstacles.
          • Added Particle Collision node.
          • Added New Curve Vortex Force node.
          • Refactored Vortex Force node for new features.
          • Added Velocity For Target node, which precalculates the velocity to reach a target.
          • Added Target Force node to affect the particles with anything: Points, Mesh, Curve, Instances.
          • Added Particle Action Material node.
          • Added initial rotation option along normal, velocity, etc.
          • Added Collide, Stick, Hit actions and Times to Particle Action node.
          • Added Factor, Normal, Is Collide, Is Stick, and Is Hit flags to the Particle Info node
            and Particle Info Material node.
          • Added Selection, Avoid Size to Particle System Output node for Surface and Volume
          • Added Curve input to Follow Curve Force node.
          • Removed double rest for “velocity from forces”.
          • Fixed the “Apply Force From Birth” option. Now, it also considers initial velocity.
          • Fixed Gravity Force node.
          • Fixed Dead Action and After Time for Action node. Renamed the Current Time ->
            Born Time, After Time -> Dead Time.
          • Fixed Start-End and Continue Emissions for Animated Emitter.


          • The Particle Tracer node updates the particle attributes.

          • Moved the seed option to Particle Settings of Particle System Input node.

          • Moved the Apply Force From Birth to the bottom of the Particle Setting.

          • Added Selection option to Particle Density.

          • Added Sort option for Start-End frame-based emission.

          • Added Rest Position and Particle UVs to Particle Info node.

          • Improved the naming of the inputs for Particle System nodes.


          • Released the Extra Nodes for Blender 4.0.

          • Fixed the Mesh Face Falloff node.

          • Improved Mesh Volume option for Procedural Particle System.


          • Released the Procedural Particle System v2.1 for Blender 3.6.

          • It has Mesh Surface Factor and Mesh Volume Factor in the Particle System Output node for the smooth projection of particles.

          • The Collision Force node has a new Stick To Surface feature, which allows to stick the particles to a collision surface with the help of the new Set Stick Position node.

          • Generalized the Emitter Velocity, now it will work in both emitter modes: Start-End Frames and Continuse. The Emitter Velocity is renamed as Animated Emitter. The Animated Emitter along with the Emitter UVMap are moved into the Emitter Setting.

          • Added new Particle Action node. It outputs the action (a boolean) when the particle is born or gets dead. It also outputs the Current Time (time starts when the particle is born) and After Time (time starts when the particle gets dead).


          • Fixed the particle emission when emitter geometry does not have UVMap.


          • Released the Procedural Particle System v 2.0 for Blender 3.6.

          • It has many new features: Frames / Continues (density) particle emission, easy workflow, and new forces nodes.

          • Multiple Particle Systems are possible with the same object.

          • Particle Tracer and Particle Info Nodes.


          • Guide Curves node: No need that input fur/curves should be pointing in +z-axis.


          • Added Guide Curves node which can direct the fur/hairs with the curves (input fur/curves should be pointing in +z-axis).


          • Released the Particle System v1.1 for Blender 3.6.

          • Fixed the velocity issue. It may break the old files, be careful.

          • All forces consider the particle mass.

          • Added new Particle_Particle_Force. Particles can repel or attract each other.

          • Make the node setup more efficient.


          • Updated the files for Blender 3.6 experimental build on 1st May 2023.


            • Added Memory Falloff node based on the Simulation Nodes of Blender 3.6 experimental build.

            • Updated the Particle System for Blender 3.6 experimental build.

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