Extra Mesh Editor

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The Extra Mesh Editor automates tasks like the Removing from Manifolds (Edges and Vertices), the Generation from Convex Hulls, and painting the Curvature as Vertex Colors.

This Add-on uses pymeshlab for some functions. You can install this package/library through PyPip.

This Add-on contains PyPip. This separate Add-on allows you to install Python packages/libraries from the Blender UI for the Python Interpreter of Blender. (File: PyPip_1_0_0.zip in the Download Area)


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Main Functions:

These functions can be executed for single objects or collections (Selection Type).

The Target Collection should not be a Sub-Collection of the Selected Collection.

Generating a Convex Hull:

Removing Non-Manifold Vertices:

Removing Non-Manifold Edges (Remove Face or Split Edges):

Both processes can result in a separation of the mesh into Submeshes, which both are Manifold Meshes but not united.

Close Holes for 2-Manifold Meshes:



After executing Basic Quad to Tris:

Discrete Curvature (Two Different Methods to Calculate the Curvature):

Principal Curvature (Two Different Methods to Calculate the Curvature):


  • Transforming Tris to Quad-Faces for Objects and Collections
  • Merge by Distance for Objects and Collections


Meshlab uses triangulate/Tris-Meshes. If you have a Quadmesh, you can use the Basic Quad to Tris Function by Selecting the new Object.

You can get back N-Gons through the execution of the Basic Quad to Tris Function and then add a Dissolve Decimate Modifier.

I originally created the Add-on mainly for my Tris-Meshes and some of my Quad-Mesh Data.

If you stop Blender while a function is evaluating an object, the process can leave temporary files in your directory, which you can delete later on.

These are typically cleaned up.

The Meshes usually need a UV except for Repairing Non-Manifolds and Convex Hull processes/functions.

The error message is then:

"The process could not run:
Failed to apply filter:  'compute_scalar_by_discrete_curvature_per_vertex. Current mesh does not have Any Faces."

Advice: Smart UV Project with an Island Margin is enough if your mesh has no UVs.

Not connected UV Faces must have a margin. Two unconnected Points should not intersect in UV Map. (If you have a Clean UV Map

My recommendation is that you think if you really need to, for example, clean Non-Manifold Data or want to use the Discrete Curvature.


1.0.1 (04.09.2022): Cleaned Up Source Code. Better import of Python Packages.


Users of the Add-on can request new functions, which should be exposed from Meshlab, or Actions in the Edit Mode, which should be automated.

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Blender Version 2.93, 3.0, 3.1, 3.2, 3.3, 3.4
License GPL
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