A Quick Way To Build A Realistic Scene In Blender, Step-By-Step Tutorial

by Šime Bugarija in Training

Creating a fully CGI scene is fun but also a time-consuming job and requires a lot of skills to make everything look realistic. From modeling or finding models, texturing, lighting, post-processing, etc. But what if we already have a photo or video that we just want to extend with some elements?

In this tutorial, we will talk about exactly that. How to extend a photo with 3D elements in a free program blender.

We'll talk about how to import an image and camera into a blender with the correct perspective.
How to set lighting, shadows, and reflection to match the photo.
How to enrich the visual boring and low-resolution textures.
Where to find and how to add overlays that will make the scene more cinematic.
We will talk about post-processing color grading and much more.

At the end of this tutorial, you will be able to extend any photo with any 3d elements and get more realistic renders in a faster way.

Language: English + subtitles
Duration: 2 hours 15 min
Video resolution of the tutorial: 2k
All resources and links are included + final .blend file

Part 0 - Tutorial introduction (1 min)
Part 1 - Inspiration and preparation (7 min)
Part 2  - F-spy (14 min)
Part 3 - Blender, camera, and character import (7 min)
Part 4 - Combining background image and render (5 min)
Part 5 - Gas station modeling (15 min)
Part 6 - Creating lighting and shadows (15 min)
Part 7 - UV Project modifier (6 min)
Part 8 - Color matching (5 min)
Part 9 - Improving textures (6 min)
Part 10 - Creating reflections on the ground (12 min)
Part 11 - Adding details (9 min)
Part 12 - Overlays (11 min)
Part 13 - Post-processing - Part 1 (9 min)
Part 14 - Post-processing - Part 2 (12 min)

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