Exploding Environment Pack 1

by black_stormy in Models

Meshes Meshes are suffixed by _ref and _phy, the reference and physical (collision) meshes respectively. The meshes have been moved around so you can see them better, to center all meshes, hit ` to show all layers, then A to select everything and alt+G to clear its locational data, returning it to the scene center. All origins are bottom center of the mesh. Materials Textures are all 1024x1024. You will moslt likely want to size them down for realtime use. Materials all include a specular map and a baked normal map as well as the diffuse. Some models use common specular or normal maps. Materials are packed into the blend. Layers Each mesh is on its own layer with its texture duplicates. The collision meshes are on the alternative layers (layer 1 holds the barrel model and its variants, layer alt+1 holds the collision mesh). There is also a copy of the entire group in one object on layer 6 set to wires only, for rendering. Appending To append an item to your scene, press shift+f1 and find splodeypack_01.blend in the blender browser. Go to Object and select any mesh you wish to import. You may need to clear location data using alt+G.
Published over 9 years ago
Blender Version 2.5x, 2.6x, 2.7x
Render Engine Used Blender Game Engine
License Royalty Free
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