Ethnic Human Base Mesh V1

by Diego Hay Ochani Santos de Almeida in Models

Ethnic Human Base Mesh v1 Contains:

Models and polygon count:

24 models with medium polygon count
12 female models with 33,488 triangles
12 male models with 33,060 triangles


1 .blend file (created software)
24 .FBX files (for each separate model)
1 texture check image 2048x2048

Ethnicities and variations:

3 ethnicities for each gender (African, Asian and Caucasian)
4 variations (Standard, overweight, muscular and elderly)

Model details:

1 - Each model already has a retopology in well-distributed square polygons ready for use, respecting characteristic details of each ethnicity.
2 - Each model already has an open UV map that are similar to each other, allowing reuse of textures from one model to another. Note. there may be some distortion when sharing texture from a female model to a male model due to breasts, as well as sharing from overweight models to other less voluminous models. (A 2048x2048 texture check will be sent along)
3 - Each model has dentary arch, tongue, a pair of eyeballs and a pair of corneas around the eyeballs, and edge loop on the nails of the feet and hands, for more complex shaders.
4 - All retopology was done thinking about animations, so joints receive more complex edge loops ready to compress and stretch.

Where and why to use:
1 -
The models serve as a good base for any edition, whether to increase or decrease polygons, but their current shape is already ready for use and to move on to next steps, texture, shader, rig, animation, draping or hair.
2 - Accepts subdivisions without losing volumes, in fact they value them even more, very good for making a highly detailed mold for map bake.
3 - Very good for projects that need diverse crowds or even creating a realistic character or as a mold for creating clothes, armor, equipment in general or even for creating rig that needs well-defined joints as used in advertising, animation or AAA games.

Diego Hay Ochani Santos de Almeida

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Blender Version 3.0, 3.1, 3.2, 3.3, 3.4
Render Engine Used Blender-Internal, Cycles, Eevee
License Royalty Free
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