Energy Core And Case - Pbr Realtime Asset

by AssetKit in Models

If you don't like PBR textures wich combined channels, I included you a archive with every channel solo, Metalness Workflow ->

Important: This Blender Scene comes complete with packed textures. Should you experience render issues please unpack all textures to your drive. This will fix it.

Just go File>External Data>Unpack all into files. This will create you a nice texture folder with everything correctly linked to you shaders and you can render without issues.

Should 8k be to high for you, feel free to generate any texture resolution you like.


A generic energy core asset suitable up to detail shots or very close views in game.
Use it as power supply for devices or weapons, standalone asset, decoration or any other way you see fit.
The Core fits in the case, you'll be able to animate it.

Have a look at the Wireframe. The Meshes are low poly and quad based.

The PBR textures are high resolution, 8192 x 8192

Energy Core
Energy Core Case