Ember | Fire Asset Pack

by Thatimster in Materials, Shaders, Textures

EMBER is a Procedural Fire Asset Pack built for Blender 2.80


  • 100% Procedural (no UV unwrapping)
  • No smoke simulations
  • No volumetrics
  • Fast performance
  • Works in Eevee + Cycles


Simply append the required material to your model and adjust values!


Install the EMBER Addon and instantly add the selected node group with 1 click!

(Update v1.1 via Node2Code)

---- BONUS ----

EMBER Addon: Add any EMBER shader to a scene with 1 click. Accelerate your workflow with shaders available whenever you open Blender!

4 Blender file scenes to help you get started with your projects!

Rocket (Fire Shader)
Campfire (Fire Shader, Charcoal Shader, Ash Shader)
Candle Scene (Candle Shader)
Paper Burn (Smoulder Shader)


v1.1: Added EMBER Addon to the package, which allows you to gain instant 1 click access to all EMBER shaders whenever you open up Blender!


  • Fire Shader
  • Charcoal Shader
  • Ash Shader
  • Smoulder Shader
  • Candle Shader
  • EMBER Addon (for 2.80)
  • 4 Blender files for demo scenes
  • EMBER Documentation
  • Free lifetime updates and support
  • Good Karma for supporting the Blender Foundation :)