Electromag Nodes

by Sam Aldhaher in Modifier Setups

ElectroMag Nodes are a set of Geometry Nodes groups for solving and simulating electromagnetic equations.

You will be able to calculate electric field vectors, electric potentials and magnetic field vectors everywhere. You can also choose from several options to visualise the intensity and direction of a field. Advanced features (Pro Version) allow you to calculate surface charge density distribution, self-capacitance and self-inductance. 

ElectroMag Nodes are especially useful for students and educators to better understand electromagnetics, which can be a difficult topic to study and learn. It will also be useful for electrical engineers who design circuit boards, coils and components.

Please read documentation to understand capability and assumptions for correct usage.

Calculate voltages, electric and magnetic field vectors

calculates everywhere in 3D space,  also within conductors (with limited accuracy)

Plot and visualise fields

choose between different plot types such as Field Lines, 2D magnitude plane, 2D arrow grid and volume vector 

Calculate self-inductance (*Pro version)

use the "inductance scanner" node to calculate the self-inductance of a coil (PRO VERSION ONLY)

Calculate surface charge distribution and capacitance (*Pro version)

solve for non-uniform surface charge distribution, especially for sharp and pointy surfaces, and then calculate self-capacitance 

Create Awesome Illustrations and Animations of Engineering Applications 

Visualise and animation different engineering and electrical applications such as induction heating, wireless power transfer, RFID, PCB motors and Tesla coils 

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