Electrify - Quick Lightning

by Robin Pittelkow in Addons

Electrify - Quick Lightning

Generate an amazing customizable lightning with just one click of a button! 

Add the finishing touch to your scene with this easy-to-use lightning generator. Any type of electrical object will come to life with just one click.

It's flexible, customizable, animatable and procedural. Thanks to many parameters and control objects you can animate the lightning objects exactly as you want. Plus, you can spawn as many of them as you want. 

Currently there are 4 lightning types you can add to your scene:

  • "Simple Lightning": A lightning without any branches - shapeable like a bezier curve. The tips can be connected to objects.

  • "Branched Lightning": A lightning with branches. Each branch is controlled by a control object.

  • "Random Lightning": A random shaped lightning - different every time you hit the "Generate New" button. Change some spawn settings to get interesting results. The tips can be connected to objects.

  • "LowPoly Lightning": A plane with a lightning material - works like grass planes in games. You can specify an object the plane will always look at, so it won't look flat.

Your benefits?

✅ For Blender 2.8 and above 

✅ Eevee and Cycles support

✅ Automatic applied lightning material

✅ One click setup & ready to render

✅ Easy to use 

✅ LowPoly lightnings possible


 Example file with easy-to-understand instructions

 19 page user guide PDF document

 Get every future update for free

 And also.... You can save yourself a lot of time

Shape and position the "Simple" Lightning" like a Bezier curve and animate it with user-friendly control objects. You can determine the rest of the appearance of the lightning with 10 additional parameters (Distortion strength, Thickness,....). 

You want the lightning to come from an object and maybe even connect to another? 

Easy - An already prepared shrink warp modifier provides a realistic connection to whatever object you choose! All you have to do is select the object. 

Update 3.2 brought a new lightning to the addon: The "LowPoly Lightning". If you need lots of lightnings but don't want to kill your computer this is the right one for you. It only adds 4 verts per lightning to your scene with a node-based, customizable lightning material. This kind of lightning works like grass planes in games. You can specify an object the plane will always look at, so it won't look flat.

If a single line is too boring for you, you can also spawn a "Branched Lightning". You got full control over your lightning with 9 control objects and 9 additional parameters to shape the Lightning.

Since version 3.0 you can also spawn a "Random Lightning"! Just click the generate button until you like how it looks! Of course you can also change some values to suit your needs and attach the lightning to objects in your scene!

Now get creative and have fun!

Theres more to come! Stay tuned!

Check the "Creator Emails" checkbox in the privacy center to be informed when a new version is released.

2021/12/06 - Version 4.0:

  • Electrify - Quick Lightning updated to Blender 3.0 Python API (Blender 2.9 and below are still supported)

2021/07/17 - Version 3.2:

  • Added customizable "LowPoly Lightning" Type: A plane with a material node generated lightning like billboard sprites in games
  • Bugs fixed that crashed blender or messed up the lightning when spawning a lightning in older blender scenes
  • Some "Random Lightning" attachment improvements 

2021/03/09 - Version 3.1:

  • Ability to realistically attach the "Random Lightning" to an object (animatable)

2021/03/31 - Version 3.0: 

  • Added customizable "Random Lightning" Type
  • Lightning is now finished with developing at current frame rather than always frame 5
  • Improvemnet of displacement method for more randomness & realism
  • Bug fixed: When using different transform pivot point setting the lightning system will be set up completely wrong
  • Additional addon "Extra Objects" no longer needed
  • Added custom icons
  • General overhaul & organization of the addon & UI

2021/03/23 - Version 2.0: 

  • Added "Branched Lightning" type
  • Bug-fixes
  • Improved naming of some objects

2021/03/17 - Version 1.0: 

  • First release with a button that spawns a "Simple Lightning"
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