Electric Guitar

by blendFX in Models

This set comes with 3 elements:   - the guitar - a cable - a stand  Guitar and cable are rigged, so you can configure and pose them as you like. If you want to see them in an example setup, open "guitar_arrangement.blend". There you will find the 3 elements inserted as linked groups, with armature proxies for the cable and the guitar.  If you want to insert them into one of your own scenes, you can either append the entire model with shift+F1, so that you can tweak shaders etc directly to match your scene, or you just link the assets into your scene by using "link" instead of "append" (hotkey: ctrl+alt+o): Navigate to the files in "linked_assets", click on them and navigate into the blend-folder "Group" to load in the groups into your file.  Once you have them in your scene, select them and hit Ctrl+Alt+P to make a proxy out of the rig/armature. The guitar has 2 extra controls for Hue and Blackness, so you can tweak the look of the guitar even you link it in.

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Published about 10 years ago
Blender Version 2.7x
Render Engine Used Cycles
License Royalty Free
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