Eldritch Abominations Pbr Model Pack

by Nevermore Graphics in Models

  • AO, Albedo, Roughness, Normal, Emission and SSS maps in PBR, in 4K
  • 4 Different tentacles with 2 variations.
  • Each tentacle has 8 skins total; 4 dry and 4 wet/slimy
  • There are 2 eyeballs, each with 4 skins to choose from (a total of 8 different eyeballs)
  • The cat eye (slit pupil) eyeballs have an emission layer, so they can glow in the dark.
  • The teeth "walls" are ideal for corridors and there's only 2 varieties; Feral and normal, each has 2 skins; Dead an alive
  • The teeth props also come in Character form; The teeth balls. Which also come in Feral and normal and have 2 skins, just like the walls. Neither these nor the teeth walls are animated but they come as separate pieces so they can be animated as static meshes.
  • The Teratomas (a tumor with skin, teeth and eyeballs), like the teeth props aren't rigged, but can be animated procedurally via noise or other types of mesh warping.
  • The fully rigged creatures (the fish, the bat and the finger creature) have a full range of movement, but there's kinetic limits to their movement where the mesh clips through itself, especially in the case of the bat wings.
  • The rigged creatures all have easy to read, colour-coded IK bones for you to easily animate
  • The rig on each of the creatures all contain IK bones to ease animation, but you can still go to the Armature panel in the Object Data Properties in Blender and unhide the other layer, which contains the deformation bones, so you can animate those.
  • Additionally, for most of the slimy/wet creatures versions there's slime threads/strands/droplets, to increase the gross factor and for a more visceral effect. They can be added whether through a particle system or manually.
  • In most cases there's only one or two of each model, but for preview purposes there's several copies.
  • Published almost 3 years ago
    Blender Version 2.93
    Render Engine Used Eevee
    Misc Data Uvs-Unwrapped, Rigged, Normal-Mapped, Textured
    License Royalty Free
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