Eevee Dynamic Lighting

by 6F Studio in Scripts and Addons


This Addon allow you to render Animation in Eevee with dynamic lighting . Blender Eevee as we know, not a good pairing with dynamic indirect lighting, especially when it comes to Animation. We usually use cycles for a scene with lighting that changing at a cost of longer render time. Now you don't have to worry about it anymore.

***It will look like blender is crashing but it's actually running it. You can check in your destination folder that it's render your animation into image sequence.

Features :

1. Render your animation into image sequence with Auto-light baking for each frame

2.Image render with Auto-baking (so you don't have to worry about forgetting to bake Indirect lighting again)

Advantages :

1. Render animation in eevee without manually baking light each frame

2. You can use eevee for animation with similar result with cycles

*Currently only supported JPG and PNG Sequence

*Irradiance volume still needed in the scene

*light quality depends on your setup and Irradiance Volume resolution