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Edgy brings you superior edge loop tools for easier mesh editing. Select edge loops with poles or branches, close open loops cleanly, and grow/shrink loops with ease. With drop-in replacements for current key bindings and backward compatibility, edgy offers enhanced features without any fuss.

Edgy is a tool designed for mesh editing, specifically to simplify the selection of edge loops. It allows users to click multiple times on a target edge, choosing different potential loops which contain that edge. Edgy begins with partial loops, similar to the existing SHIFT-click operator, but further clicks will select fully-closed loops that may contain branches or poles. Unlike the default selector, it can select the "obvious" closed loops without any extra hassle.

In addition to loop selection, Edgy offers a smart solution for closing open loops. By preferring straight lines and avoiding already selected edges, Edgy provides a cleaner and more intuitive alternative to the standard "Pick Shortest Path" operator.

Furthermore, Edgy includes operators which grow or shrink loops, enhancing the "Select More/Less" operator to understand both edge and face selections.

Edgy is designed to maintain user comfort, featuring "drop-in" replacements for existing key bindings. The default behavior of Edgy extends and improves these capabilities, while the original behavior remains available. Simply put, Edgy is a tool aimed at solving recurring issues in mesh editing in an intuitive, backward-compatible fashion. It's not about bells and whistles, but about providing a practical solution that genuinely improves the user experience.

Sales 30+
Published 11 months ago
Blender Version 3.5
License GPL
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