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EasyLights, the ultimate tool for setting up cinematic lighting in Blender!

Are you tired of struggling with complex lighting setups for your Blender projects? Do you want to achieve stunning, professional-grade lighting with ease? Then EasyLights is the solution you've been waiting for!

Designed to simplify the process of setting up cinematic lighting, EasyLights provides a range of intuitive tools and features that make it easier than ever to achieve the perfect lighting for your scene. With a user-friendly interface and a comprehensive set of options, EasyLights empowers you to create stunning visual effects that will bring your projects to life.

Whether you're a seasoned Blender user or just getting started, EasyLights is the perfect companion for your creative journey. So why wait? Try EasyLights today and discover how easy it can be to achieve the perfect lighting for your projects!

EasyLight - When Lighting Is Not A Task Anymore This is an Addon for Blender. Easy light makes lighting your product easy and intuitive.

How To use:

  • select the object you want to light in your scene.

  • Hit N whle in 3D Object Mode go to EasyLight in the addon panel.

  • Use the different operators and parameters to tweak the setup to your liking

  • Enjoy !

Change Log


  1. One Click IES Setup

  2. One Click HDRI Setup

Change Log

V. 1.0.2

  1. Randomize Lighting and Color Panel

  • Randomization is constrained to a rectangular area defined by min_x and min_y properties in the scene

  • A random seed can be specified to control the randomness of the randomization

  • The randomize lights method generates a random location for each selected light using the random function

  • The seed value is updated to a random seed whenever the seed property is modified

  • The min, min, and seed properties are added to the Randomize location button

2. Volumetrics Panel

  • Added Volumetrics to an Object.

  • Added Volume density and dimensions parameter to adjust volumetric settings and dimension of the volume cube

Major Updates in 1.5

  1. New HDRI presets and updates you get 3 ready to go HDRIS

  2. New Rim light panel which uses annotations to create rim lights at the said direction

  3. Spherical light setups for Area and Point lights

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Blender Version 3.0, 3.1, 3.2, 3.3, 3.4
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