Easy Wall Tile Material Maker

by Blender Insight in Surfacing

The "Easy Wall Tile Material Maker" is a set of node groups that makes wall tile material look human with all the small imperfections that comes when you put tiles on a wall.

That means that in one single node... the "JT Brick" node... you can now achieve things like:

* Rounded corners and edges.

* Random rotation.

* Random height and leaning/gradient.

* Random offset in X and Y

* Broken, old and scratched.

You also get an unique ID output for every tile created in the matrix. That means that you with simple math can do things like mixing patterns, erase a few tiles, paint each tile in a random or decided color range and so on... It also means that each tile can have unique damage or scratches. No risk of repetitive damage patterns!

Of course there will be a set of example materials and an asset library together with this product so you easily can get a hang of the possible options to do.

Included in the product there are also node groups for the most classical wall tile patterns. All patterns are procedural, so that you can peek at the nodes, do changes or add things as you want.

I have also added a simple node group to create damage, aging and scratches on the tiles. Since all is procedural and since every tile has it's own ID..it is very easy to do your own set of damage node groups as well if you want to extend the functionality of this further on.

Finally....you do not have to use my procedural patterns if you don't want to. You can create tiles without patterns or with your own patterns and even using image textures if you don't want to go the procedural way very, very easy. All with the "JT Brick" Node!

Good luck with creating your tile wall material :)!

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