Easy Tornado-Realistic Smoke-Sand-Fire Tornado For Cycle

by 3DVision in Addons

Warning, the updates of this product are suspended! 

Easily create realistic tornado of smoke, sand and fire with "Easy Tornado". "For cycle render" .

*You must use version 2.79.4 or newer, the smoked shader is not available in older versions.

Why use Easy Tornado ?

"Easy Tornado" is simple to use and contains "all in one", you can use with the default settings, or modify them. only one material is used to generate the three types of tornado.

To change the type of tornado copied these settings. 

"Smoke" Tornado

"Sand "Tornado

"Fire" Tornado

You can change the color shades of your tornadoes with a single shader.

"Breakable" objects, to add your breakable items, simply attach "ctrl+j" to the small house, then delete it. open the particle systems flap and increase the "Emission" value to get more debris.


  • Generate realistic tornado of smoke, sand, fire.
  • Property Management Panel.
  • Management of smoke, sand, and fire Density.
  • Management of the vortex force.
  • Management of the Turbulence.
  • Move direction editable.
  • Management of Fire Strenght.
  • Breakable objects.

How to make an animation "Easy Tornado" ?

You only need to edit a curve to define the tornado's trajectory, define the speed at which the tornado should move, and the duration of your animation.

I do not know how to do ?

watch the video presentation, the installation is detailed.

*Don't forget to enable this option

How can you help the creator ?

Just leave your opinion, it will allow other people to have an idea about the quality of this product.

Hope you will enjoy it!

If you have any questions or problems you can join this group: https://discord.gg/saupkDP

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Sales 60+
Published about 6 years ago
Blender Version 2.79
License Royalty Free
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