Easy Environment Lighting (Shader) & Five Environment Maps

by differentlink in Addons

Why bother?

Image based lighting is a common technique to create realistic lighting in 3D scenes. The environment maps (HDRIs) are usually shot with a professional DSLR using multiple exposures to capture the whole dynamic range of the environment, then they’re combined to a 32-bit HDRI. But this is a time consuming process, it takes you multiple hours to create a single HDRI. This is why we’re happy to introduce the Easy Environment Lighting shader. Now you can use your phone to capture an environment map and boost the contrast with the Easy Environment Lighting shader; it now only takes five minutes.


How it is done?

Use your phone with the Photosphere app to create your environment map.

You get a low contrast environment map. Then you use our node setup and load an environment map. The node setup then boosts the contrast of the image. Now you get nice lighting out of a low contrast environment map shot with your phone.

Please see the documentation for more information on how to create an environment map with your phone and how to use the Easy Environment Lighting shader.


What you get?

  • The “Easy Environment Lighting" shader that makes every image an HDRI.
  • 5 environment maps:
    • 47 megapixel resolution
    • Low on memory (approximately 1/16th compared to a 32-bit image of the same size)


Please check before you purchase whether your phone comes with the pre-installed Photosphere app. This app is necessary if you want to capture your own environment maps with your phone.


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Published almost 8 years ago
Blender Version 2.6x, 2.7x
Render Engine Used Cycles
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