Stamp It! - No Shrinkwrap & Extra Geometry

by BeeBee 3D in Addons

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  • Julia Alder
    9 days ago

    I don`t like it. In comparison with alternatives it`s not very intuitive. To load the basecolor into the nodegroup everytime and add normal and other maps manually one by one is very laborious and outdated. I can not recommend it.

  • Bassem Adel
    19 days ago

    The addon is a must buy, I used this technique but manually, you know the pain specially when it comes to multiple layers, this addon makes your life easier in every corner for making things a little bit grungier and realistic, it has intuitive interface that I didn't even watch tutorial! yet example files are very cool, a great value for me as an architect.

  • R
    22 days ago

    Amazing addon, save a lot of time while focusing on creative process

  • Alexis Nolte
    30 days ago

    This is absolutely brilliant. Super simple to use and works very well.

  • joe
    about 2 months ago

    To be a new release is very promising and easy to work, the way it works is simple and once you know the fundamentals and operational process everything becomes clear. I think this add-on will become a great tool for the future and its potential can be seen immediately, the creator get's 5 stars for being nice also. 😎😊🎂🎉✨

  • Marvin
    2 months ago

    This addon is so grat and artist friendly!!

  • Frank Hilton
    2 months ago

    Well, I have always wanted a quicker way to do this. The vanilla way in Blender is to just unwrap your mesh, export the UV and then use a paint program to do your texturing.

    Now, with this you can do it in the viewport. Nice!

    Since its a fairly new addon, I have run into a couple of quirky things. But, not game breaking...
    - Sometimes the Empty is not generated automatically. I just delete that "stamp" and redo.
    - If you enlarge a text around a sharp corner (say a cube) you will get a stretched texture. However, this is an industry thing with texturing and not necessarily this addons issue.
    - You cannot do multiple materials on an object from my initial tests. I have contacted the dev on this.

    - This will not replace texturing on more complicated surfaces in some cases, and uv unwrapping may have to be done for those cases.
    - Since you can't do multiple materials on an object yet, you will have to use normal Blender methods to do that. Having two or more materials with its own set of stamps is not implemented yet from my initial tests (waiting to see what dev has to say)

    What I would like see added....
    - A way to move the stamp layers on the addon panel instead of having to go into the node shader and doing it manually.
    - Do multiple materials on one object.

    Other than that, it is a newer workflow to add "decals and to texture a model/scene. And not to mention, it doesn't use the shrink modifier at all and it works pretty great wrapping around curves.

    I'm glad I got it!

  • Marton
    2 months ago

    Hands down, this is the most amazing addon I've used in a while. Let me tell you why:

    At first, I thought it was great because I couldn't add new faces to the scene, making it easier on my GPU. But then, I tried two things that absolutely blew my mind, and I think they're worth promoting:

    Firstly, when you have an object stamped, and you duplicate it as an instance, the decal will expand correctly to the duplication because of the coordinate system of the empty object the app uses. So technically, you could grab a single stone, duplicate it as an instance 100 times to make a wall, for example, and then you could put a few damage decals onto it, and voilà: you have a wall with full variety, using only as many vertices as the original stone.

    And the second amazing feature: If you have different objects next to each other and you want to put decals on them, you just put a stamp onto one, and then in the shader editor, you copy-paste the node group into the second object's material and BOOOM. The same empty directs the decals through different materials.

    It's like magic.

  • jackie1980
    3 months ago

    I may end up changing this but tbh despite everyones comments that its so easy and intuitive, the lack of documentation has me puzzled... i cant even find but one tutorial on youtube on how to use it and following that hasnt really worked in a way that I thought...maybe im just stupid... I can get the placeholder onto the object but im puzzled by why it wont actually stick to the object it seems to be stuck to the 3d cursor, and im not getting a bounding box the way the tutorial shows, im just getting a line that goes from the 3d cursor to the object, which makes it weird to actually move the object around on the surface of the mesh. Your documentation is very poor. And the lack of tutorials is astounding for such a useful tool that people have rated highly. I searched stamp it add on blender and got one tutorial that wasnt informative.

    • BeeBee

      3 months ago

      Hey Jackie, please reach out to me via the message the creator button and I can help you a bit more. (I can only reply once here)
      I’m making a tutorial myself this week and I’ll notify all customers who have emails enabled - and I can DM you to the chat aswell once the tutorial is out.

      I wrote down and understand the issues some users are having so I’ll try to cover all approaches to using the addon in the tutorial.

      My apologies for lacking documentation & hope the upcoming video will help.

  • Aleks K
    3 months ago

    Very nice plugin! Definitely worth the purchase! For environment work it's absolutely fantastic. I'm trying to use it in the context of prop work and I am wondering if there is a reliable way to duplicate my object and have all the stamps be duplicated as well? Right now if I duplicate the object the actual container comes with, but the texture is lost.

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