Easy Blender Pro

by Al-Dezel in Addons

Limited-Time Price: $12.6

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Unleash your inner 3D master with Easy Blender Pro!

Supercharge your creativity with Easy Blender Pro, the ultimate all-in-one add-on that streamlines your workflow.

custom panels & Pie Menus:

 Create custom panels and pie menus for a personalized and efficient workflow.

Custom Panel

Add anything you want even from other addons

Custom Pie Menu

With custom pie menu you could add buttons and also add scripts of anything you want

Organize Assets: Effortlessly arrange your assets and materials in custom icon galleries


Add objects to custom icon galleries with all controls at your fingertips.


Add materials to your icon galleries with just a few clicks.

Customizable Buttons:
 Create buttons to automate any task or action you desire.
Custom Buttons

add any buttons with just a few clicks
Favorite nodes

Complete Camera Control:
 Access and adjust all camera settings for precise scene framing
All camera settings

Render settings

Add cameras from view

Face objects & images to camera

Shortcut: Alt+C

Full Lighting Control:
 Fine-tune lighting setups with access to all light settings.

Control all your lights in one place
or show the properties of the selected light 
Shortcut: CTRL+Shift+Left Click

Object Highlighting:
Easily find objects in the Outliner with instant highlighting in just one click.

Shortcut: Y

Simplified Modifiers:
Add and manage modifiers with a user-friendly interface (no more old-style menus!).

Apply modifiers easier
Add modifiers easily 
Choose your favorite modifiers

Shortcut: Shift+F

Physics Made Easy:
Add physics simulations to your objects with just a single click.

Add physics with just one click

You could also add physics with a pie menu


Effortless Snapping:
Snap objects together with ease for precise positioning.

Craft Your Dream Workspace:
Seamlessly navigate and organize workspaces with intuitive controls. Focus on your creativity, not your setup!

 splitter: Ctrl+Shift+D
navigator: Ctrl+Shift+F

One-Click Search:
 Search YouTube and Google directly within Blender for seamless information access.

Plus, Get Quick Help When You Need It:

speed up your work with quick help panel.

Clean Up Your Scene:
 Remove unused data and optimize your Blender file for better performance.
Shortcut: Ctrl+F4

Quick Render Previews:
 Generate fast render previews for efficient scene evaluation.

Window Management:
Add Windows Easily with Custom Settings

control your materials easier

Add quick effects

And More!

Discover a treasure trove of additional features to enhance your Blender experience.

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This addon was made with Serpens

I want to thank surpens community for helping me in this addon

The amazing Icons

Scenes from Blenderkit addon