Droplet Generator

by ibotpl in Modifier Setups

Full procedural droplet generator for Blender 3.1 and upwards.

Bugfix-Release 2.1.1:

  • updated to work with Blender 4.2
  • fixed the UV dissappearing problem when "Realizing Instances"

New Features for version 2.1:

  • install and use like a regular addon (no need to append the node tree manually each time)
  • Draw Custom Droplet path option (sticks to surface)
  • set maximum droplet count option (crash safe)
  • more shape customizations
  • new example scene (leaf droplets)

New Features for version 2:

  • Much more control over the shapes
  • More advanced settings
  • Better performance
  • Long Droplets
  • Animation Support (Wip)

Full Procedural

All geometry is being created %100 procedurally, which enables great customization and performance.

Full Customizable

Made to be easy to use, all settings are self-explanatory. You have tons of options to make your own versions of droplets. Modify it even further with the newly added "advanced settings" section.

Droplet Trails

Add an extra bit of realism to your droplets with the trail option.

Droplet Shader

Render the best looking droplets with the included custom droplet shader, where you can limit ray depth and shadows.


Using proximity between the droplets, all distribution happens without any unrealistic looking overlapping droplets. You can of course change the proximity value to your liking.

Custom Weightmaps

Create custom weightmaps to limit the distribution of the droplets on your mesh. You can also limit each dropletgroup on its own (long, big, medium, small).

Animation Support (Wip)

Bring life to your renders with animated long droplets, customize the shapes and make everything look more realistic. This feature is still in development, so currently it only works on flat surfaces.

3 Example Scenes

Dropletgenerator comes with 3 completely ready-to-render example scenes with all necessary models, textures, light, cameras and scene settings.

Easy to export

Generate your droplets, convert to mesh and export them to be used in other 3D programs like Keyshot/3dsMax/C4D etc.

Apple Model by Charles Smith (Blitz Mobile Apps) - Link to model: https://skfb.ly/or9xr
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Blender Version 4.2, 4.1, 4.0, 3.6, 3.5, 3.4, 3.3, 3.2, 3.1
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