Droplet Generator

by ibotpl in Modifier Setups

No UV on basemesh after realize instances

2 solutions:

  • enable "droplets only", duplicate base mesh and remove the dropletgen modifier of the second copy.


  • in your material editor, add a new "Attribute" node, type in "UVMap" and connect it to the vector socket of your texture.
Blender crashes when I add the Dropletgenerator

Make sure you apply the scale of your object (Ctrl + A).

Droplets are too small / big, long droplets are not facing down

Apply the scale and/or rotation of your object (Ctrl + A)

Weightmap doesn't affect the result

Make sure you select your weightmap under "Weight Map" option (click on the cross like symbol and select it from the dropdown menu)

Can't convert droplets to mesh (Droplets are gone when I apply the modifier)

Enable "realize instances" before applying the modifier

Droplets disappear when changing settings

Disable "Long Droplets" (if you don't need them) or increase its count slightly, increase "Big Droplets" count and/or play slightly with the scale/density under "Distribution"

Droplets sizes change when in render mode (Octane Renderer)

Enable "realize instances" before you go into Render preview

Basemesh not visible in render

Enable "realize instances"

Long droplets do not stick to surface

Long droplets work on flat surfaces only for now, very experimental, work in progress.

Droplets appear inverse on surface

Make sure you don't have inverted normals on your object (in Edit Mode: select all > Shift+N)

No droplets on object / same for example files

Make sure you are using at least blender version 3.1.

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