Dripsleaves Plant Generator

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DripsLeaves - Procedural Plant Generation

DripsLeaves lets you generate an infinite amount of plants.
It is based on a completely procedural setup with geometry nodes and shaders.

Included is a highly versatile Geometry Node Group and a flexible Shader Node Group.

Future updates are free.

See documentation for full information!

  • 150+ Plant presets - fully customizable
  • 50+ Material presets - fully customizable
  • Highly versatile Geometry Node Groups
  • Highly flexible Shader Node Groups
  • Additional Shader Node Groups and helpers
  • Prepared as Asset Library for Blender Asset Browser
  • Instructions and Setup to export geometry and textures for external applications
  • Documentation included in .blend file
  • 3 example scenes
  • Additional node group to create high definition plants
  • Additional node group to create plants without alpha texture
  • And much more!

Created with performance in mind.
Works in Eevee and Cycles.

Update 0.2:

  • Added parameter to limit the leaf to the ground plane to avoid clipping problems

  • New Geometry Node Group and Shader Node Group to generate HD Plants! (Beta)

  • Topology optimization
  • Minor Bug Fix

Update 0.3:

  • New parameter to switch between different leaf shapes

  • Shape optimization - leaves stay sharp even on super close macro shots

  • Better normal maps

  • Included a script to automize the process of converting geometry node objects to meshes with proper UV's

  • New plant and material presets in asset library
  • Minor node optimizations

Update 0.4:

  • Optimized node layout
  • Since Blender 3.5, the script to convert the geometry is not needed anymore.
    Simply convert your object to a mesh and UV maps are created automatically.
  • Deleted "DripsLeaves Maps" and "DripsLeaves UVsToMaps" nodes, because there is no need for them anymore.

  • This simplifies the whole setup dramatically.

  • Added better documentation
  • Added Seed value to the DripsLeaves Shader
  • Added optional normal and UV inputs  to the DripsLeaves Shader

Update 0.5:

The latest version of DripsLeaves is now available with the release of Blender 4.0. While the old files for Blender 3.5 and up are still available, it is recommended to download the files for Blender 4.0 to get the latest updates.

  • The new update includes a generator and shader for plants with no transparency.
    In certain scenarios, it is preferable to render a scene without alpha clipping, and the “DripsLeaf Generator_NoAlpha” node makes this possible.

  • Additionally, there is a setup to export textures for the “DripsLeaf Generator_NoAlpha”

  • New plant presets that make use of the new generator

  • The shader and geometry node groups are now better organized by making use of the nodes panels introduced with Blender 4.0

  • The slack and ground limiter now take the rotation of the plant into account

  • The Hd and NoAlpha generators now utilize a taper curve to define the shape of the leaves.

  • The generators have been split into three separate files

  • The asset library has been organized into three separate categories

  • Some node optimizations
  • Updated the documentation

Please note that the new update works best for Blender 4.0 and up.
However, the old version for Blender 3.5 and up is still available in the downloads section.

How to use:

Click here for full documentation

    How to export a DripsLeaves plant:

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