Drips Fabrics - Procedural Fabric Patterns And Materials For Blender Eevee And Cycles

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Procedural Fabric Material Toolbox

DripsFabrics is a powerful and versatile toolbox that allows you to create highly detailed, realistic, and unique fabric materials in Blender.

It is a completely procedural library that contains multiple pattern node groups and material presets, making it easy to create highly adjustable and customizable materials.

With DripsFabrics, you can create stunning and professional-looking fabric materials that will take your Blender projects to the next level.

DripsFabrics is set up as an asset library, so you can easily browse and apply the shaders to your objects in all your projects.

Compatible with Eevee and Cycles.

See full documentation here.

A basic understanding on how to work with shader nodes is required.

Due to the high complexity of the node groups, the patterns may take longer to compile on low-end hardware. Please note that DripsFabrics has not been tested on OSX.

Procedural Pattern Node Groups

  • Fabric 1

  • Fabric 2

  • Fabric 3

  • Fabric 4

  • Fabric 5

  • Fabric 6

  • Loose Fibers

  • UV Distorter

Update 1.1:

  • Fabric 7

  • Added simplified versions of the pattern nodes

  • Some node optimizations

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Blender Version 3.6
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