Drink Can - Two Sizes

by Jakub Smid in Models

Drink can model HELP Content:

  • General
  • Rigged cap
  • Textures
  • Materials
  • Cameras
  • Environmental texture

General: This model was created to help artists to easily and quickly show their designs of a new drink can to their customers or friends. Blender file contains basic scene setup, 3 camera views and cap (incl. opener) is rigged to add some variety. Rigged cap: Both cans (small and big) have rigged caps. There are two bones on each cap, which control spout tab and opener separately. There are no special controllers, but it is very easy to operate the bones directly in armature pose mode.You are able to rotate the bone only in the proper direction, so you don’t have to care about it.   Textures: Material textures are linked to PSD files, which are included. You should replace placeholder textures with your own, just open linked PSD files and prepare your design there. Save them and in case of need, reload the images in Blender’s texture panel. In case you would like to use your own textures or another supported file formats (jpeg, png), replace the texture in texture panel. Keep in mind that size of your texture should be the same as original =>

  • Small can texture size: 2048 x 1173
  • Big can texture size: 2048 x 1757

  But you can use whatever you want – just adapt your UVs. Materials: There are only 2 different materials (aluminium and print). Feel free to adjust them according to your wishes. Cameras: There are 3 camera views in the default scene.If you to change default camera. select it and press Ctrl+0 shortcut.   Result and view angles – check renders. Environmental texture:   Environmental texture I use was downloaded from MrBluesummers.com. It is free and with no copyrights attached. It is there to show materials and how the models look in basic light setup. Feel free to use your own scene setups.Settings take place in WORLD SETTINGS. DzymatoR