Drawer And Cabinet Furniture Collection

by Ksalk3D in Models

All the files are in .rar format so please download all the files

all the textures are seperated in .rar format so please download them as well - (wood_A),(WoodB),(Metal B)

the texture and material names are same -

the file and its format are as follow

the top left model Name is - Drawnet.blend, (Drawnet,fbx,Drawnet.3ds,Cabinet A.obj)

the top right  model name is - 6 Door Drawer .blend, (6 DoorDrawer.obj, 6 Door Drawer.fbx, 6 Door Drawer.3ds)

the bottom left  model name is - Bedside drawer.blend (Bedsidedrawer.fbx, Bedside drawer.obj, Bedside drawer.3ds.)

the bottom right model name is - Cabidraw.Blend, (Cabidraw.obj,Cabidraw.fbx,Cabidraw.3ds)