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Dox Bone is a plugin for generating meshes from armature
Author: Dox012

The main function:

Use custom objects to generate each section of limbs and joints. The principle is to copy and place the specified object on the head of each section of bones.

The generated objects will be scaled to match the length of the bone, and can be blend with the original size,

The bone objects are generated based on the basic shape in the rest position, and based on the pose in the pose position,

The generated limbs can be used as a base mesh for sculpting, or for conceptual design, etc

The convenience of bones is that each section can be connected, which makes the alignment very convenient,

And after the limbs is generated, it can be directly bound and quickly deformed.

In the Link mode, the position and shape of all generated objects can be easily adjusted at the same time,

In Non-Link mode, each object can be edited separately,

It is worth noting that the bones default to use the y-axis as main axis and use the x-axis as the side. So the original object should be aligned with the y-axis when placing objects.

Link: Link object data when copying objects

Combine: Whether to join the generated objects

Blend: used for blending the original size of bone objects and the size scaled based on the length of the bone, 0 means the original size, 1 means fully scaled

Armature: A armature used as a template

Bone: the object used to generate the limbs

Dox Bone: Generate bone objects

Additional features:

Two buttons related to object data are used to quickly link and unlink objects for easy editing

Link: Link mesh data, make objects share the same mesh

UnLink: make the grid mesh independent, each object does not share the same mesh

In addition, I added two buttons to remesh to quickly fuse the generated objects

Voxel size: remesh voxel size

Voxel remesh: the same function as the sculpting panel, quite fast

Quad Count: the number of quad faces after remesh

Quad remesh: generate a more regular quad mesh, much slower

Published over 3 years ago
Blender Version 2.9, 2.91
License GPL
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