The Domino Run Kit

by Moby Motion in Models

The Domino Run Kit

Everything you need to get started creating sweet domino runs. Curve dominos around corners without distortion, and apply all physics settings in a breeze.

13 Types of Domino Runs:

  • 3 classic single spaced domino runs: single, double and triple height
  • 3 widely spaced domino runs: single, double and triple height
  • Horizontal domino run
  • Alternating horizontal vertical
  • Slow trickling runs
  • Backwimo
  • Stonehenge
  • Small loop
  • Large loop

27 Sweet Domino Tricks and Gizmos:

  • Bridge - take your dominos up and over
  • 4 Turning Fences - Small and large, short and tall
  • 4 Falling Turns - 2 types, each turning either left or right
  • 2 "Collectors" - for directing 5 dominos into 1 stream. Great for chain reactions, where you want a building to continue knocking over dominos, but you're not sure exactly where it'll fall.
  • 4 "Loop throughs" - in 2 sizes, going clockwise and anticlockwise
  • Enormous domino chain reaction - 11 dominos, getting exponentially bigger, to help your little dominos have a huge effect. Realistic weight already set up that matches their size. 
  • 3 wall types - including speed walls, alternating walls, and my own invention
  • 6 projectiles - dominos can set a ball rolling, to knock over huge structures. 6 projectile types include small, medium and large, spheres or cylinders.
  • 2 mallets - that help launch your ball right or left

Don't worry about the rest

Materials and physics are already set up for you, so you can focus on building sweet domino runs. Comes with a random colorful plastic material. Wood material coming soon. 

Free trial version for personal use

Free version includes 3 domino runs (classic, alternating horizontal vertical, slow trickling runs), and 3 gizmos (1 direction switcher, bridge, and projectile).

How to Create Domino Runs:

Instructions are included in the .blend file you get for purchasing :)

For most elements, making a run will involve: Selecting all objects in this element (this includes a plane which is used to create domino instances, an initial domino with physics set up, a curve that defines the path), and duplicate these to a new spot in your scene. Then, modify the curve to your desired shape, and simply "make instances real". That's it - physics are set up for you, using "box" collision type, for the most efficient simulation.

How to Create Domino Tricks:

Simply find the trick you'd like to use, and copy and paste it into your scene! Physics are already set up


I hit play, but the starter domino doesn't move. What gives? Dominos are set up to use "deactivation", and "start deactivated", to drastically reduce bake times in complex scenes. All you have to do to fix this, is select the domino you want to fall from the first frame, and disable this in Physics Properties --> Dynamics --> Deactivation --> Start Deactivated.

How can I use structures made using PhysAssist? You might like to include structures made using my PhysAssist plugin, for example you might want to knock these down. These are compatible - but PhysAssist structures are about 20x larger than life, whereas the domino kit structures are approximately life size. You'll have to reduce the size of your PhysAssist structure by 20x, then make sure you apply the scale on the planks.

What if I have any other questions or issues? Don't hesitate to get in touch through here :) I'll try to help everyone, but paying customers get priority support

I have a great idea for an addition to the kit. What should I do? Feel free to send through any suggestions through Blender Market support!


2/5/23: Initial release with 7 runs and 15 tricks

4/2/23: Update full kit from 1.1 to 1.6. Changes include: 

  • User can now change the bevel (curviness) of all dominos using a single custom property. Go to the "n" panel (ie press n in the 3D view to open the panel on the right) --> Tools --> Workspace --> Custom Properties --> change "domino bevel". Higher values are curvier.
  • Optimize physics settings: fix bug with domino walls that would lead to dominos and planks flying everywhere, add collision margins for more stable simulations, reduce substeps without compromising stability
  • Miscellaneous small improvements: fix domino bridges, stop these getting stuck sometimes. 

5/2/23 Update full kit from 1.6 to 1.13. Changes include:

  • More runs, for a total of 11 now. New types include horizontal dominos, and single spaced dominos.
  • More tricks, for a total of 25 now. New types include: different sizes and types of projectile, falling turns.
  • All elements are now in collections - for easier and more intuitive reuse.
  • Miscellaneous: turning fences have a base. Added materials for wood (turning fences) and metal (turning fence nail).

5/2/23 Update full kit from 1.13 to 1.19. Includes:

  • 2 new runs: backwimo and stonehenge 
  • Mallets! The ball bearing can come up to a mallet, causing it to tip over and launch the ball forwards
  • Fixed bridge - previously wasn't tall enough
  • Improved demo, showcases mallets and new bridge
  • Improve layout, FAQs in file.

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