Divine Cut | Smart Cloth Generator V2

by Xane Studios in Addons

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  • Pansito
    29 days ago


  • T
    29 days ago

    Love it! Been hoping to try it since I saw YouTube videos! Can’t wait to see how this amazing product will continue to evolve!

  • Martin Řezníček
    about 1 month ago

    I totally don't understand the one or two star rating and as I see, most of the time the arguments are completely out of place and don't evaluate the product itself. I "purchased" the Divine Cut | Smart Cloth product for free in the Blender birthday promotion. The creation process is intuitive with helpful tutorials, even for a complete greenhorn. I would rate the results at four stars and I'm a bit worried about the optimization during the physical run on the GPU (I don't think the RTX 3060 is the slowest), it would be perfect to be able to fine-tune the folds of the garment in real time, like in Marvelous Designer. Of course, I have no idea if this is even technically possible with Blender builds. However, despite these small things I am seriously considering buying the full product, I still have time to experiment further before the "30" trial days are up. I was a little surprised that the addon stopped working on the second day, but after installing the new "vanilla" trial version everything is working again. So all in all, I would currently give 4 stars, but when I see unfair ratings, I give 5 stars and thank you for the opportunity to try it! :-)

  • Andrew Hughes
    about 1 month ago

    Great product thanks Alexander!

    I have Cloth Weaver but unfortunately, even after discussions with Xanderak and him analysing the situation, it still continues to crash and is unusable for me 🥺.

    Then came the birthday trial of DivineCut and I was saved!!! Which run on my MacBook but not hugely performant, but that's the hardware not the add-on.
    Though it does crash/fail on the Windows 4.1 Blender version when trying to install the "TRIAL" version.

    So I just purchased the full version and waited, sweated and almost suffered a stroke waiting until the plugin/add-on installed successfully, it did, and I was happier than Larry!!!

    Alexander's approach to the clothing design process is great and if you do things wrong you will generally get a notified about it. Though sometimes the python will crash, but that said you can see within the Exception message what "you" did wrong 😉

    As I requested on Discord an export to another application tutorial video would be awesome 👍😎

    However I successfully managed to get the cloth out of Blender as a static mesh (you can even export a second simulation FBX if you wish though it's not necessary) and into Unreal Engine 5 for a Chaos Cloth workflow. Pushing it through Marmoset Toolbag 4 for some nicer texturing first of course 😉

    Thanks for saving me Alexander and thank you for a great add-on 👍😎

  • fenix
    about 1 month ago

    ottimo componente aggiuntivo e ottima presenza del creatore che in discord assiste gli utenti che lo usano

  • ilias iosifidis
    about 1 month ago

    I have to register even to use it; it delays everything, and the advertised library is not included. 2 stars because it kinda works

    • Alexander

      about 1 month ago

      I am so so tired of these wicked reviews. You don't have to register anything at all, why are you lying. As a free trial, when you click the register button it enables the addon for you immediately. It only opens a notion page which welcomes you and gives you my contact details if you need assistance with anything. The library is in the package. There is no way you can have the addon without the library. It is zipped in the package which you unzipped to get the addon. It also comes with a mannequin and the installation video. God I am so tired of this. I am so so tired.

  • Aalma
    about 1 month ago

    I bought this product just to be able to write a review as I see here, people are not rating the product itself but the creator's decision on not giving the full pack for free. Let's not forget that this is a gift, it costs you nothing and it gives you something and you have the choice to either take it or not. Why being maleficent?

    The creator put a lot of effort into creating this product and they have bills to pay and needs as a regular human being.

    Just imagine yourself giving a gift to someone and they come to you complaining "Oh! but this is not the gift I expected, you gifted me "XYZ" but I wanted an iPhone! What's the reason to give a gift if it's not an iPhone?"

    As for the creator. Please! Keep up with the good work. I hope this avalanche of negativity will not affect your desire to create and contribute to making the creative process in Blender more fun and interesting.

    Thank you for your hard work!

    • Alexander

      about 1 month ago

      Thank you Aalma. Thank you so so much. I am not discouraged. While all that is going on, I'm working on some exciting new updates which I look forward to releasing in the near future. Thanks so much again, I really appreciate :)

  • Ali
    about 1 month ago

    I tried the free version and am very satisfied with the results. The addon is incredibly helpful in speeding up my work, and the results are impressively smooth. This is why I'm definitely going to purchase it and highly recommend it. Thank you.

  • Leon
    about 1 month ago


  • Aaron
    about 1 month ago

    Some interesting features I was excited to experiment with but the addon is automatically opening a youtube tutorial video if I do certain steps (ie, I hit puff and it opened firefox right to the point of a tutorial discussing the feature) or going straight to the blender market page, which is really unacceptable.
    Also it appears the dev is deleting low reviews which is unfortunate

    • Alexander

      about 1 month ago

      Hi Aaron. I am not deleting reviews and I do not have the power to. Kindly read the Blendermarket policy on reviews. Your review is fair and describes the product so it can not be removed. People have been cussing and more in their dissatisfaction with the selected festive products, meanwhile we creators are offering what we can and do not deserve to be destroyed for it (I'm even privately offering another addon completely free to everyone who downloaded Divine so everyone can be happier (to be announced very soon)). Regarding the youtube feature, The only time this happens is if you try to use the puff function in an incorrect manner. It only opens once throughout your use and it opens the point of the video which will teach you how to use the function properly. If you messaged me about this I would learn that you do not like it so I will add a function to disable all assists in preferences. Please message me and lets create a wonderful addon together. Many of the improvements so far are requests from users which I listen to and implement. Thank you for trying it out, it will get even better with time

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