Distance Based Electric Effect

by mgh3d in Modifier Setups

This powerful Blender geometry node tool allows you to generate stunning electric effects inside a base mesh, centered around a selected object in the scene. The effect is achieved through the use of advanced geometry nodes, providing precise control over the electric lines and their interaction with the base mesh.

Key Features:

Object Selection: Pick a moving object from the scene to serve as the center of the electric effect.
Distance Control: Specify the radius around the picked object within which the electric effect will be generated, allowing for precise placement.
Geometry Subdivision: Adjust the level of geometry subdivision to determine the number of electric lines generated, creating a more detailed or sparse effect.
Electric Noise Scale: Control the scale of the electric noise applied to the generated lines, adding subtle variations and irregularities.
Noise Seed: Set a specific noise seed to ensure consistency or generate unique patterns.
Animation Control: Animate the electric effect over time with a simple checkbox, creating dynamic and eye-catching visuals.


• Effortlessly generate realistic electric effects inside base meshes.
• Precisely control the radius and noise characteristics of the effect.
• Create stunning animations with moving electric lines.
• Integrate seamlessly into existing Blender scenes and workflows.


• Visual effects for movies, games, and animations.
• Abstract art and experimental visualizations.
• Architectural and product design presentations.
• Educational and scientific simulations.

Technical Specifications:

• Have made in Blender 4.0
• Requires a basic understanding of geometry nodes.
• User-friendly interface with customizable parameters.


This Electric Effect Blender Geometry Node Tool is an essential tool for artists looking to create dynamic and visually captivating electric effects. Its intuitive controls and advanced features make it easy to achieve stunning results, whether for professional projects or personal artistic explorations

just append .blend file and find it with prefix "MGH"

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Published 2 months ago
Blender Version 4.0
License GPL
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