Displace Painter
Paint with Power
Ever wanted to turn rolling hills turn into mountains? What about copper plating on a hand scratched surface? Or artistically place damage on a wall? Displace Painter can help you paint it.
It's Painting
With Displace Painter, it has never been easier to paint displacement. Paint mountains, valleys, rivers, metal plating, exposed wires, or almost anything.

Intuitive Layers
Use simple layers like most painting software to organize and control your displacement. Move a layer above another layer and easily keep track of what each layer does.

Control the Influence
Don't want one layer affecting another's displacement? No problem. You are in control, and it is just a few clicks away.

Make it Detailed
Not enough detail in your mesh? Add more! Using Displace Painter's detail system, you can add as many deferent details as you need to get that perfectly detailed mesh.

Master The Materials
Control your materials based on your displacement. Using Displace Painter's attribute names, you can control the color, roughness, texture, shader, or really anything based on your painting.

Easy Adjusting
No more searching for the correct texture to edit then searching for the right modifier to adjust. Displace Painter puts the settings for both the textures and modifiers right on top of each other, so you do not have to search for long.

Simplify The Complexity
Displace Painter takes this complex modifier stack and simplifies it into layers and details for ease of use.

Hardware and Software Limitations

There are currently a few limitations with Blender, which could cause problems with Displace Painter that you should know before buying.
Displace Painter uses Vertex Groups and Color Attribute painting to control displacement. This means that whatever object is being painted will need a good amount of vertices in order to paint it.

Displace Painter uses two subdivision surface modifiers, one to give more base geometry for the displacement and another to smooth the displacement. This can result in extremely high-res geometry, which can make Blender slow and unresponsive at times, if pushed too far.
Displace Painter is NOT
an all-in-one tool
Displace painter does not include any assets*. Some of the images above show assets and/or textures not included with Displace Painter to demonstrate the potential of the tool.
*Displace Painter includes some CC0 textures and displacement maps

- New Painting System
- New Detail Manager
- Transfer Vertex Group
- Transfer Color Attribute
- Apply Object Scale
- Apply Displacement
- Custom Texture Coordinates
- And More
Why Displace Painter?
We have always wanted to be able to create landscapes by painting in Blender. We quickly discovered that we could by using displacement modifiers and vertex groups. However, we were quickly discouraged by the vast and complex modifier setup that was required. It was also quite tedious to switch between editing textures and modifiers. Then we thought, what if we made an addon that hid all the complexity and tediousness behind a simple layer-based system? So we did! But we soon asked the question, why stop at landscapes?

This addon can be used for procedural damage, sci-fi details, terrain, or anything that could benefit from Displacement Painting.

Long Term Support (LTS)

Displace Painter is compatible Blender's LTS releases and will continue to support LTS releases with bug fixes and an additional features where possible.

More is on the Way (Coming Soon)

This is just the second iteration of Displace Painter. There are many more ideas that we would love to add in the future. Here are a few that you can expect to see soon.
- Layer Presets
- Material Creation Wizard
- Quick Object Scattering
- Subdivide Specific Layer

Have a great idea for Displace Painter? We would love to hear it.
Feel free to contact us through the Blender Market


See Displace painter in action