Dinosaur Base Mesh - Mega Pack

by Lluc3D in Models

This dinosaur mega pack is the ultimate dino base mesh library for your prehistoric projects, the pack is constantly upgrading with new models.

The 3D models have a good mesh topology and UVs, perfect for all kind of projects, use for sculpture, games or animation.

This Base Mesh has a purpose to help in technical aspects allowing you to focus on doing an extraordinary art.


  • Blender 2.8x or superior
  • obj format compatible 3D software

Files included in this pack:

  • 1x Blend file with all the dinos ( DinoMegaPack_01.blend )
  • Pachycephalosaurus.obj
  • Trex.obj
  • Brancasaurus.obj
  • Carnotaurus.obj
  • Dilophosaurus.obj
  • Ichthyosaurs.obj
  • Kronosaurus.obj
  • Parasaurus.obj
  • Rapetosaurus.obj
  • Stegosaurus.obj
  • Triceratops.obj
  • Velociraptor.obj