Different Phone Charger Heads

by Casvey3d in Models

Hello and how about my dear friend!

Welcome to this section of my product, which is nothing more and nothing less than 5 charger heads, did you hear well not 1 or 3, 5 different models of phone charger heads! each of a different phone models. Modeling between low and medium polygon in case you do not have a very powerful computer (Activating or deactivating the Subdivision surface modifier), with plastic material created from the blender shader, including UVs, all done in this program, without accessories or textures external!

Each charger head brings its own unique life-size design, taking care of every detail regarding its surface, discarding its generic USB port and its connector to the power outlet.

And what are these models for?

Its use will be very varied depending on what you need my dear friend, from uses to advertise a related product, personalize them with colors or stickers in case you have a business, to their use as accessories for your renderings.

I should mention that:

The content of the file (models and elements such as lights or cameras) is carefully named and stored in their respective collections, so you can locate them very easily. Among these collections are the 6 scenes with their respective model, and a collection with all the 5 models without altering their transformations.

Finally, we add that each scene is related to a void, which you can move the entire scene, without having to move each element 1 by 1. Likewise, each camera of the 6 scenes will be marked, which you can slide on the timeline to locate which scene of these 5 charger models you need to render, that easy!

For only a minimum price you get 5 different heads of phone chargers! What are you waiting to get it?

A greeting!

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Published 12 months ago
Software Version 2.9
License Royalty Free
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