Desktop Lamp Pack

by blender_tommy1441 in Models

This is a pack of three Desktop Lamps modeled in Blender 2.79. The lightbulbs are easily turned on and off by changing just one node.

All are textured using PBR materials but with a simple to change settings if needed. Render engine used Blender Cycles.

Geometry wise, they are a bit on the high poly count (mainly due to the level of detail from the lightbulb). So they work fine for closeup renders if needed.

DeskLamp01: - Vertex Count: 77.7k - Poly Count: 77.3k

DeskLamp02: - Vertex Count: 50k - Poly Count: 48.3k

OutdoorLamp03: - Vertex Count: 82.7k - Poly Count: 81.6k

Is worth noting that the power cable is just a plain simple curve so that it can be easily modified as needed. Also, note that they don't have the actual power wall plug, the reason is that I wanted to give the liberty to just add whatever wall plug you might need for your project (if you are interested in having a particular wall plug, just pm me or contact me with your particular request)

Dev Fund Contributor
Published about 5 years ago
Blender Version 2.79
Render Engine Used Cycles
License Creative Commons
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