Denim Generator

by Prashan in Surfacing

Denim Generator

A procedural denim shader for Blender, Cycles engine. I always found that using super high resolution texture maps for clothes can be a waste of memory when most shots are from far. This shader allows full control over the look, allows for closeups, while keeping the file sizes small.

This shader is created for cycles, and will NOT work with Eevee.  The goal is to create high quality cgi.

This will work with generated, and object texture coordinates, but it will work best with UV coordinates.


The pants are included in the demo seen, which reveals the trick I used to create the stitches.

This example scene also illustrates how I used displacement maps (exported from zbrush) to create the wrinkles. 

There is another node group inside called “Tiler”. This can be utilized to create your own fabrics!


Option A: Download “Denim_Material” and append the material directly from your own Blend file. 

Use UVs to control direction of material.

Option B: Download “Denim_Material” and append the “Denim” node group to your own blend file, and use it inside your existing materials.

Use UVs to control direction of material.


Commercial use is permitted but this shall not be included in an asset pack, kit bash, or sold at any sort of asset/resource marketplace and must be embedded components in media such as a video game, movies, or similar products. If you wish to integrate this into your own product please contact me through

Modifying the material and THEN using it for asset packs, or any application, is allowed. For example; creating your own fabrics using parts of the node graph. Do not just resell it.

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