Deep Paint

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Deep Paint Pro v1.1.0

Deep Paint Addon is the user friendly Blender tool set allows you to model and paint in 3D, using Grease Pencil to create stylized 3D illustrations.

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GP to Mesh

Quick building mesh from Grease Pencil stroke, also GP to curve, fill mesh, line mesh.

Quick Modifier

Applies modifier instantly without leaving history for quick organic modeling.

You can create these hand paint like model with Grease Pencil and with the DP tools.

Custom Grease Pencil Brushes

You can have some custom grease pencil brushes with custom pop up window.

DPM and Outline

Easy apply for useful default deep paint material which is vertex paint based stylized shader. Also easy outline button.

Custom Texture Paint Brushes 

Custom brushes for texture paint, include such as Water Color, Pastel, Air Brush, etc. 

Easy access and manage data in paint mode

With RMB when in vertex or texture or weight paint mode, you can access to data and add node to materials easily.

Material Presets

There are several useful material presets, for example noise texture mix with vertex mask (no need UV). Edge blur, Shadow only, etc..


From utility, you can use "tree gen" and "vine gen" to populate assets such as tree and flowers as instance easily and tweak from surface or curves. Also from "camera rig" to create camera path quickly. Some other utility such as "sky paint" for useful tool to create stylized images.

Deep Paint Video


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Blender Version 4.2, 4.1, 4.0, 3.6
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