Deck Chair

by GameArtUniverse in Models

A high quality Deck Chair with 5 color options to decorate your scene. This chair can be placed on ships, in garden, on beach, beside swimming pools and many more places.

The entire model uses a single mesh and single material. Poly-count is kept as low as possible. Chair's two variants(Low height & high height) are also included in this package. All textures are high quality with 2K resolution.


Key Features :

- Single mesh & single material
- Minimum possible poly-counts
- Low height & high height variants
- Available in 5 colors
- High quality 2K resolution textures


Textures :

- Base Color x 5
- AO Map
- Normal Map
- Metallic Map
- Specular Map
- Roughness Map
- Metallic Smoothness Map
- Specular Smoothness Map