Damage Generator

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Transform your meshes with realistic damage effects using our cutting-edge geometry node modifier. This advanced tool empowers you to create intricate damage patterns that enhance the realism of your models.

note: this file does not have textured material. only black material for damaged areas and white material for base areas. you can add your textures and decide

Key Features:

• Damage Area Segments Size: Control the size of the segments that define the damaged areas.
• Threshold for Damage Amount: Set the minimum damage threshold to determine which areas of the mesh will be affected.
• Adaptivity: Reduce polygon count in less detailed areas to optimize performance.
• Damage Noise Seed: Customize the randomness of the damage patterns.
• Damage Noise Scale: Adjust the scale of the noise texture to control the size of the damage details.
• Damage Noise Multiplier: Amplify or reduce the intensity of the noise effect.
• Shade Smooth Damage: Enable or disable smooth shading for a more realistic appearance.


• Realistic Damage Effects: Generate believable damage patterns that add authenticity to your models.
• Customization: Tailor the damage to your specific needs with adjustable parameters.
• Efficiency: Adaptive geometry reduction optimizes performance for complex meshes.
• Procedural Control: Seamlessly integrate the damage modifier into your geometry node workflow for increased flexibility.
• Time-Saving: Save time by automating the creation of intricate damage patterns.


• Video games: Create realistic damage effects for characters, environments, and vehicles.
• Architecture: Simulate aging and weathering on buildings and structures.
• Product design: Add visual interest and imperfections to industrial designs.

Technical Specifications:

• Geometry Nodes modifier
• Customizable parameters

find modifier setup by prefix of "MGH"

Elevate your 3D modeling with our Advanced Damage Generator. Order today and unlock the power of realistic damage effects!

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