Cw Cherry - A Procedural Cherry Material

by Christoph Werner in Materials, Shaders, Textures

Update infos for v1.1

Description for version one


CW Cherry is a shader tree material for the Cycles Renderer. It is not an AddOn. To use the material in a fresh scene or in your own project just follow this instructions:

1. After the download of CW Cherry, unzip the ZIP-file to your preferred folder.

2. In Blender go to the main menu and choose File->Append

3. In the upcoming file browser open your local CW Cherry folder and choose the CW Cherry .blend file.

4. The .blend file opens and show a scene tree. Click on the Material folder and choose the CW Cherry material.

5. The CW Cherry material is now added into your project and you can assign it to any object via the material tab in the object properties.

If you have problems to install CW Cherry, watch the installation video example on my YouTube channel or contact me please.

"How to install" video

I've prepared a short installation instructions video on my YouTube channel for you if you are generally not familiar with appending materials in Blender: