Customizable Tin Can

by StruffelProductions in Models

In the ZIP file you can find tow .blend-files:

1) The main file 

It contains the actual tin can model with the rig. The most interesting and explanation-worthy part in here is the label material:

The red box to the left contains 16 different labels as image files (more on these in the second part). Then one of them is being chosen randomly. Alternately you can also choose one specific image within the green frame, just connect it up to the pbr shader instead.

2) The label generator

In this file you can create your own labels for the tin can within seconds, all the steps are explained right there in the node editor, but here is a list of all the steps as well:

  1. Type the name of the product into the text field in the top right corner.
  2. Choose an image of your product. Your can either use one from the collection simply by choosing the corresponding output from the "Product_Images" node or use your own one by loading it into the (Alpha Masked!) image node. In that case you can use the transform node to adjust the position and scale of the image. Use the switch to select which of the two methods you would like to use!
  3. Next up you can choose your background image. Again, use either you own ones or choose one from the background image node. Use the switch to choose between one of the methods!
  4. In the end you change a lot of other settings, including the color scheme, shapes and text color.
  5. Hit F12 to render the frame and apply the compositing, save the image, done! You can now import the label into the main scene.