Curveslice Pro

by Siler Technology Limited in Addons

CurveSlice Pro: Streamline Your Mesh Editing Workflow

Unlock Advanced Mesh Editing with CurveSlice Pro

CurveSlice Pro is a powerful Blender add-on designed to enhance your mesh editing capabilities. Whether you’re a seasoned 3D artist or a curious beginner, CurveSlice Pro empowers you to create precise cuts, build intricate geometry, and optimize your workflow.

Key Features:

  1. Easy Installation:

    • Download the add-on file (usually a .zip) from your purchase source.
    • Install it in Blender via Edit > Preferences > Add-ons.
    • Enable CurveSlice Pro by checking the checkbox next to its name.
  2. Access the Add-on:

    • Once installed, find the new panel titled “CurveSlicePro” in the sidebar (shortcut: N).
    • All features are conveniently accessible within Blender’s interface.
  3. Curve Projection Modes:

    • CurveBuild Mode:
      • Projects the curve to build mesh geometry.
    • CurveSlice (Cut Mode):
      • Projects the curve to cut a target mesh.
  4. Fine-Tune Projection:

    • Adjust settings for precise results:
      • Depth: Control how deep the curve projects.
      • Depth Offset: Set the starting point of the projection.
      • Cut Through: Enable to cut through the target mesh.
      • Flip Effect: Choose which side of the curve is removed.
      • Keep Curve Post Cut: Optionally retain the projected curve mesh.
      • Set Thickness: Add thickness to the projected geometry (optional).
      • Decimate Spline: Optimize the curve before projecting (optional).
  5. Experimental Feature: Chain Build:

    • In CurveBuild mode, enable Chain Build for solid formations (experimental).
  6. Visualization Tools:

    • Preview how CurveSlice will project your selected curve.
    • Adjust settings and visualize changes before cutting or building.
    • Visualize button aligns projection direction with the camera view.
  7. Working Direction Control:

    • Use the Flip Cut/Flip Face Normals tickbox to adjust cut or face normal direction.
  8. Custom Curves:

    • Create custom bezier curves for precise cutting/building.
    • Draw and adjust handles as needed.
    • Ready to use as a cutting/building tool in object mode.

Additional Information:

For detailed instructions or inquiries about CurveSlice Pro, feel free to contact the developer at

Published about 2 months ago
Blender Version 4.0
License GPL
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