Curvearray + Magiccurve

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Curve Array

Curve Array is designed as a flexible tool for creating arrays along a curve. Curve Array does not merge array objects, because it is not a modifier, and it does not distort the object mesh.

Magic Curve

The magic curve module includes two methods for creating curves and a couple of methods for changing them.

Create a curve with the correct tilt to surface.

  • Select edges
  • Make active the vertex from which the curve starts
  • Get your curve!

Curve Array + Magic Curve

Together, these two tools allow you to spacing objects along the surface of other objects while maintaining correct normals.

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Patch history:


In Patch 4.0, the Curve Array was completely reworked from scratch. Here are the most extensive changes:

  • Core. Curve Array now has its own core of curve representation. Because of this, Curve Array gets rid of a lot of Blender weirdness. You can now create arrays of curves containing more than one spline, control smoothness of normals, cyclicity, etc.
  • Object Editor. You can now create an unlimited number of random groups, add them to other groups. Each item of the queue now has its own transformation editor. Also, the Len parameter has been added, which is responsible for the number of unique repetitions of the queue.
  • Optimization. Curve Array now works a hundred times faster with objects that have a heavy mesh.
  • All basic spacing algorithms were improved, additional parameters were added and bugs were fixed. Also, new algorithm Fill by Pivot - has been added.
  • You now have the ability to edit the last array you created. 
  • Magic Curve has new features. Now you can create two different curves from a mesh - Split Curve and Smooth Curve. Also, new methods for working with curves have been added.  
  • Optimizing Ui
  • And other fixes


  • Added the ability to build arrays of multiple objects and a corresponding editor with various settings, including "random groups", "ghost collection", customizable sequence, etc
  • Added a "Transform Editor" that allows you to do transformations of rotation, scale and movement for each object in the array, including progressive and random values
  • All algorithms are adapted to work with multi-objects. The greatest changes were made to the algorithm Fill by ofаset (type: Relative)
  • Added the ability to choose how to clone an object (Curve Array Pro now works with Decal Machine)
  • Magic Curve is now automatically selected after creation
  • And other micro-fixes


  • Now you don't need to apply scale of path before creating an array
  • Fixed a bug where the storage cleared itself
  • Added "Slide" function
  • And other micro-fixes


  • Adding Magic Curve
  • Micro fixes 


  • Add the ability to edit already created arrays
  • Make parameters animatable




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