Creeper Scapes For Blender

by Terrascape in Models

Meet Creeper Scapes. This is a first 3D models pack from TerraScape. A complete production solution for any kind of environmental artworks from beautiful landscapes to post-apocalyptic sceneries.

The library is ready to go with 21 species of carefully detailed creeper and vine plants which consists of 437 models in total, with up to 45 variations for a each model.

Assorted, diversified for vertical gardening.

Diversity of the plants is a big deal so you can enjoy creating nature scenes by using them to achieve natural, non-repeatable and realistic results.

Very easy to be customized and randomized.

The flexibility of the models lies in their fragmented structure. Actually you get plant patches, so they have possibility to be assigned non-limited forms unlike some models with single mesh that are enough "rigid" to be quickly manipulated.

Physically correct leaves.

In nature leaves gradually lose chlorophyll during the growing seasons. That's why they become more yellow and yellow. To control randomization of the leaves you won't need complex, gradient-material adjustments or vertex color mambo-jumbo anymore! 

Instead of there a single map used as a mixer to produce color variations, giving you convenient and full control over the materials.

Cycles and Eevee, hand-in-hand.

The entire pack uses Principled BSDF materials for it's all components and prepared for both cycles and eevee. It remains only to switch to the desired engine.

Distribute plants along a path with a Particles System.

Please watch this video tutorial to learn how to distribute plants along given paths:


Thanks for your journey and always feel free to contact with us!


 01/4/2020 - Added a new model (Bougainvillea).

01/31/2020 - Added a new model (Phlox Paniculata), normal bump node issues fixed.

 02/7/2020 - Added new customizable shader nodes with intuitive settings.

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Published over 4 years ago
Blender Version 4.0, 3.6, 3.5, 3.4, 3.3, 3.2, 3.1, 3.0, 2.93, 2.92, 2.91, 2.9, 2.83, 2.82, 2.81, 2.8
Render Engine Used Cycles, Eevee
License Royalty Free
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