Creature Kitbash

by Dragonboots Studios in Addons

Creature Kitbash is a growing library of humanoid and creature assets you can combine to create all the weird and wonderful creatures of your dreams - or nightmares!

With tools to quickly combine and mirror your beasts, you'll be doing the monster mash in no time!

Work like a pro

Sculpting creatures is difficult and time consuming. Thanks to YouTube, most people think you're supposed to start from a sphere and sculpt a creature entirely from scratch. In reality, professionals rarely do this. It simply takes too much time and client's aren't willing to wait that long. Or pay that much!

Most studios have a secret library of assets they use to 'kitbash' new creatures, effectively skipping the process of making a basemesh and allowing them to get to the detailing (and more fun) stage of sculpting that much faster. Like this big guy, who was sculpted in under a day.

I spent over a year collecting, modelling and preparing one of these 'secret' libraries, so now you can have access to the same types of assets and workflows used by professionals.

All of these assets can be 'kitbashed' or combined into a literally infinite number of creatures, limited only by your imagination. Creating creatures like these can be achieved in minutes, not days.

Create creatures - fast!

All of these creatures were created in a single day.

A growing library

Currently the Creature Kitbash library consists of 163 assets, with many more planned for future releases. Here's a small sample of what's currently in the library.

Still not enough assets? Then add your own! Tying into the Blender Asset Manager means adding more assets to your library is extremely straightforward. Check out the tutorial below to see how simple it is.

Get up and running quickly

Get started with the Creature Kitbash addon by following our Quick-Start guide, which you can find here:


The code in Creature Kitbash falls under a GPL agreement. The assets fall under a Royalty Free license. You can view the license agreement before purchasing here:

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