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The Creative Flow add-on is a part of the Creative Bundle product along with Random Flow which sells for a bundle price.

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Read the online documentation here:

(Online documentation is currently under construction. In the meantime, watch the Youtube playlists below.)

This add-on packs most of the necessary actions for easier workflows whether it’s organic or hard surface modeling. Operators like Draw Faces, Extract Faces, Auto Mirror, Boolean features, Data Transfer features, Extras tools etc. allow you to work with extreme versatility. It's also a great support add-on for Random Flow.

Watch Creative Flow tutorials in Youtube.

(This add-on is always coded to the present official version of Blender if possible.)


Draw Faces – Allows you to draw faces that can be used as basemesh or for boolean.

Extract Faces – Takes advantage of the target meshes topology to create faces that can be used as basemesh or for boolean.

Auto Mirror – Fast mirror operator that can work on multiple objects.

Boolean Features – Boolean operators that allow you to work and manage booleans better.

Data Transfer Features – Data transfer refers to copying normals from another mesh to get rid of artifacts or shading errors.

Auto Quad Features – Operators like Grid Project and Quad Slice makes it easy to turn angular ngon models to quads.

Intersect Features – This allows you to use the edit mode boolean feature in Blender much faster and better.

Vertex Color Features – A collection of operators that makes it easier to assign, select or pick vertex colors.

Extras – This is a collection of tools that maybe useful for some situations.


Press F4 in the viewport to and go to Preferences > Add-ons. Use the Install button found there on the zip file downloaded from the store. I repeat, the zip file itself not the contents inside. After that, just enable the add-on. You can search for it by typing its name in the search bar.

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Pie menu hotkeys: Ctrl+Shift+X

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