Creating Snow Environments

by CG Masterclass in Training

Creating snow environments for Blender 4.1

Embark with me on a personal journey through the realms of digital creation with my Blender 4.1 course, crafted to guide you into the silent beauty of snow environments and the detailed charm of a medieval cabin, all nestled in a winter wonderland. This course unfolds over four chapters, each one a step towards mastering the art of creating 3D Environments.

Designed for artists

Join me on this journey, where we'll not only refine our technical skills but also celebrate the unpredictability and irreplaceable touch of human creativity. Here, in our exploration of snow-capped landscapes and medieval architecture, we find a clear distinction between the cold precision of AI and the warm, imperfect strokes of human imagination. Welcome to a course that champions the ultimate human touch in digital creation, proving that some depths of beauty and innovation remain solely within our reach.

Course overview

Chapter 1: Introduction and Preparation

Begin your journey with a solid foundation, as we introduce you to the course and prepare you for the creation process. Learn essential tips and organize your project folders to ensure a smooth and surprise-free workflow.

Chapter 2: Crafting a Frozen River Scene

Embark on the creation of a serene frozen river set within a dense forest. Master the art of blending materials to achieve a seamless transition between rocks and water. Add life to your scene with realistic trees, finishing with snow and mist effects for a breathtaking result.

Chapter 3: Constructing a Medieval Cabin

Take your skills further as we build an old cabin in the woods, from laying the foundation to constructing the roof. Utilize exclusive photo scans to add unparalleled realism to your creation. Enhance the scene with high-resolution trees and animate a snowfall to bring your winter tale to life.

Chapter 4: Interior cabind design

Step inside the cabin to design a luxurious living room, employing assets from Polyhaven and unique scans for an authentic atmosphere. Learn lighting techniques to balance cold and warm hues, ensuring a realistic view of the winter landscape through the windows. Conclude your project with animations that breathe life into your creation.


My name is Rob Tuytel, I specialize in creating medieval environments in Blender and enjoy sharing my techniques in this channel. Additionally, I am the proud co-founder of the platform Polyhaven.

What Blender skill do I need?

For this course, you need the basic skills. If you know your way around the viewport and are able to create basic objects, then you will definitely have no problem following this course.

What's Inside This Course?

This course offers an unparalleled opportunity to enhance your digital environment creation skills, equipping you with the knowledge to bring your winter visions to life. Whether you're looking to advance your career or pursue a passion project, this course is your gateway to unlocking the full potential of Blender 4.1.

  • 12 Hours of video Lectures
  • Total of 80 lectures
  • Recorded in 4K ( 3840 x 2160 )
  • Getting access to Teachable video library to stream videos
  • All Textures and models included, no commercial assets !
  • 100 % Blender, no need for commercial plugins or software
  • Getting access to discord help page

Extra content

This course is packed with unique, exclusive content. Over the past year, I have traveled extensively to find suitable assets that complement this course. This ranges from river environments in the European Alps, wood logs, tree trunks, and much more. Additionally, there is also motion video content to create fireplaces or open campfires and to light candles.

  • Exclusive scanned props 
  • 4K video reference
  • Masked video fires ( candle/fireplace )

Check out a selection of glowing reviews from my previous courses while we await feedback on the latest one!


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Blender Version 4.1
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