Creating A Stanley Hammer In Blender And Substance 3D Pianter

by Titanum in Training

 "Stanley" hammer in Blender and Substance 3D Painter

During hour and 51min  Unnarrated in depth creation process course, you will learn how to Create and Visualizing a Detailed photo realistic "Stanley" hammer from scratch in Blender 4.1Texture it using Substance 3D Painter 9.1 and render it in Marmoset Toolbag 

                                                      "This is a creation Process from Modeling to Render with no narration "


"Please read all the information before buy" I have provided all the necessary information along with the preview video, also "please give honest rate to the course" this course is meant to be for those who are familiar with Maya and Substance 3D Painter, already, Thank you


"You Spending money to develop your skills plenty of steps higher than the other artists don't hesitate"

This course worth more than money you pay

General Covered Steps:

  • Modeling inside Blender 4.1
  • Using Blender new "Smooth Shading By Angle" Feature
  • UV unwrapping inside Blender
  • Preparing Model for Texturing Process and Exporting to Painter
  • Creating Material Exact Like the reference inside Substance 3d Painter
  • Making lighting and Material inside Marmoset Toolbag4 for Rendering

Main Features:

  • Texturing Completely inside Popular Substance 3D Painter in depth
  • Rendering With Popular Marmoset Toolbag 4
  • Creating a High Poly VFX Prop from Scratch
  • 3 Hour and 51 min  Unnarrated Video Content
  • Learning hard surface techniques from an industry skilled artist
  • Problem-Solving
  • Step by Step workflow
  • Standard Creating prop workflow
  • Start from Scratch
  • Each Phase of Creating Separated

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Published about 1 month ago
Blender Version 4.1, 4.0
License Creative Commons
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